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Philippine Bricksters (PhilBricksters or short for PB) currently known simply as Bricksters was originally founded on August 10, 2007 when the former social network site started opening an option for you to set up a group or organization.

The idea and concept for the group have been in discussion as early as 2002 where fan groups and organization started in the old Yahoo Groups. But the interest started by three people who shared a similar childhood interest to LEGO® and content for the group page was not active until January 2008 when a local distributor for the brand invited the founders at a private tradeshow event to unveil the new sets for that year.

Co-Presented, Events & Appearances

LEGO® Tradeshow
Rustan’s Home Building Competition
Philippine Toy Con
LEGO® Christmas Land 2008
Featured on Good Morning Kuya (RJTV29 Morning Show)
Featured on Umaga Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN Morning Show)
Featured on Lovely Day (GMA7 Sunday Magazine Show)

Originally Philippine Bricksters was created not only as a community that catered to the interest related to the LEGO® brand, but also other building toys such as MEGA BLOKS, KRE-O, COMBI, K’NEX, OXFORD (the manufacturer for Kre-O), and discontinued brands like Hasbro’s Built to Rule.

There was no immediate or even organized plan that Philippine Bricksters would become a community, but due to a short-lived unofficial tie-up with the local distributor, the group began to expand in participating in their events.

After the demise of the community moved to Facebook as the group under the “Phil Bricksters Marketplace” name, but prior to that, there was already an unofficial group in place that was set up two years earlier, which was not officially sanctioned by the original founders. Currently, that group changed its name to avoid using ‘Philippine Bricksters’, but you can still see the URL ‘PhilBricksters’ on the Facebook Group as an affiliated site.

The failure of Philippine Bricksters as 'the only' community at that time (2007-2012) is its own success paving the way to 'Clone Brick Groups,' which includes a community using the 'Bricksters' brand name attached to their groups. This includes also the rise of the RLUG (Recognized LEGO® Users Group) communities in the country. As they say in Filipino culture 'the more, the merrier' communities in supporting this hobby expands its reach and interest within the Philippines that building toys like LEGO® can be affordable to anyone at the same time open up options to other brands that are related to this type of construction toy.

Philippine Bricksters does not have an official community group page, and the former Marketplace was deactivated in Mid-2012 as the founders decided to focus being the media site prompting interest about building toys supporting and promoting communities associated to LEGO®, KRE-O, and MEGA BLOKS through news and education and content also to other unknown brands through Social Media via Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter also on blog and website platform.