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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

PinoyLUG Announced for Comic-Con Asia!

01.16.2018 – Pinoy LUG (Pinoy LEGO Users Group) has been officially invited by Comic-Con Asia to be one of the communities to set an exhibit this inaugural event. PinoyLUG has been growing since its founding in 2014 as THE LEGO community.

Besides the community’s success in exhibit themed displays at local conventions they also have been part of their first running event in September 2017. This success continues with the upcoming convention.

Friday, January 12, 2018

LEGO® City, Batman & Star Wars at Big W!

01.12.2018 – The start of the year brings new things to see and anticipate with LEGO it’s already given that there will be sets to be released. Some of them made it to major news sites that have been leaked ahead of LEGO’s official announcements.

But most of them have already made it to display shelves particularly in Australia, where some of these sets have not made it yet to other markets.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Maker Faire 2017 | SBLUG Exhibit

11.06.2017 – Maker Faire is an annual event held in South Australia that features technology and popular culture. SBLUG (Southern Bricks LEGO Users Group) has been part of this time since the community came together.

For this year there are no themes but the group has been consistent about being part of this event. The community features the best and brightest creative members using the LEGO bricks that push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. The exhibit this year is a mix of diorama and classic sets.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

SAPMA Model Expo | SBLUG Exhibit

10.14.2017 – It was a busy Saturday all throughout Adelaide with SBLUG (Southern Bricks LEGO® Users Group) weekend activities at two events with Inside the Brick and the other is a special participation with this year’s SAPMA Model Expo.

While everyone was at Wayville for the LEGO® centric event SBLUG had set-up mini display and exhibit at South Australia’s biggest scale model event held at the Immanuel College located just a few minute commute from Glenelg. It was definitely another successful outing for SBLUG.

Monday, October 9, 2017

SBLUG Post Meet-Up | October 2017

10.09.2017 – Catching up with SBLUG (Southern Bricks LEGO® Users Group) meet-up at HAMRA Centre Library on a sunny Sunday afternoon is like not seeing a family in a in a while since the last gathering sometime in July 2017 was like so long ago.

For this month the usual activity with the Iron Builder, Show and Tell, and the theme has something to do with building modular trees as outside the library beside its park have several greens have grown already as summer might lurk around the corner.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Shop Spotlight | Inside the LAYGO Store

09.16.2017 – Laygo is one of the two third party stores that specializes the LEGO® brand as its main product since there has no LEGO® Certified Store in South Australia. It’s one of the go to stores for part elements and other things LEGO®.

For those who resides in South Australia and have not heard of this store here’s something for you to look forward to besides looking for missing pieces and other hard-to-find sets. This is also a good place to spend your birthday parties too.

Monday, July 31, 2017

When Ursula Takes a Day Off!

07.31.2017 – What does villains do on a weekend? They take a day off of course and that’s what Ursula from Little Mermaid would do. Usually this baddie is off somewhere in some barren rock sulking in the sun but its winter time.

How can one get to spend some free time in the cold sea when you can go about and roam the city with some not-so villainous companions?

Monday, July 3, 2017

SBLUG Post Meet-Up | July 2017

07.03.2017 – Keeping up with a the ever growing community of SBLUG (Southern Bricks LEGO® Users Group) is a monthly meet-up that builds further interest for the LEGO® brand for the collectors, kids, & families who bonded with the famous brick.

For this month it was another gathering for “Show & Tell”, Iron Builder Project, and many more that keeps the community alive.