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Monday, July 31, 2017

When Ursula Takes a Day Off!

07.31.2017 – What does villains do on a weekend? They take a day off of course and that’s what Ursula from Little Mermaid would do. Usually this baddie is off somewhere in some barren rock sulking in the sun but its winter time.

How can one get to spend some free time in the cold sea when you can go about and roam the city with some not-so villainous companions?

Monday, July 3, 2017

SBLUG Post Meet-Up | July 2017

07.03.2017 – Keeping up with a the ever growing community of SBLUG (Southern Bricks LEGO® Users Group) is a monthly meet-up that builds further interest for the LEGO® brand for the collectors, kids, & families who bonded with the famous brick.

For this month it was another gathering for “Show & Tell”, Iron Builder Project, and many more that keeps the community alive.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New LEGO® Batman Sets Sighted at Kmart!

01.31.2017 – If you haven’t seen any new sets from The LEGO® Batman Movie surely you’ll probably go straight to Big W to see the first wave of those sets arrived a few days earlier. But if you haven’t chances are you’ll be going to see what Kmart have as early this morning new delivery of sets have been stocked up to their shelves.

For some countries its a few days away before the movie hit cinemas, but in Australia it won’t be released until sometime late March. For now there’s plenty more build up for anticipation with these additional sets that where sighted!

Monday, January 30, 2017

LEGO® Batman at Big W Marion Sighted!

01.30.2017 – The LEGO® Batman Movie is the hottest theme right now with the blind bagged packs sold out two weeks earlier there has been a slow update at Australian stores in some region specifically in South Australia. But here they are starting to show up in some major retail stores.

Specifically with Big W now having some of the first wave sets like the Batmobile and vehicles driven by some of the Rogues Gallery. The sets that have pop up are just the first few to be spotted at one local Big W store with more details…

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Event Cinemas | LEGO® Batman Movie Standee

01.25.2017 – There have been several LEGO® Batman Movie promos that has been released for the past months promoting the forthcoming film.

But this time Warner Bros. and The LEGO® Group is not brining an unfamiliar brand. Though you know this iconic character has been around for more than 7 decades. You’d be more excited when you see the actual standee.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Smart City Studio | Adelaide in LEGO®!

01.22.2017 – While walking around Adelaide you’ll be surprised what you’ll see along the way. Exploring the downtown and seeing the culture is one thing, but understanding how efficient it is can be worth educational.

Adelaide Smart City Studio is a company who thrive to bring technology and data to drive economic activity, accelerate innovation and better manage energy, resources and services for South Australians.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Build LEGO® Creations at Adelaide City Library!

01.09.2017 – Libraries used to be a place of study, research, and just plain reading. But in the internet age you’d be surprised that some libraries now allow you to use their facilities to surf the net, listen to audio books or even let you borrow movies.

Adelaide’s City Library does that too and more with a wide variety of books for research and study to foreign articles for everyone. But what makes this library stand out is the support in building your imagination through LEGO® that caters from the age of 1 to 99 and they don’t charge you to play!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Happy Meal 2008 Feat. LEGO® Batman!

12.10.2016 – This won’t be considered entirely as a LEGO® set or minifigure, but collectibles from McDonald’s Happy Meal. This would still be related to LEGO® despite being part of a promo regarding the release of LEGO® Batman videogame in 2008.

But the interest of LEGO® license themes such as Batman from DC Comics wasn’t as popular now that he’s the star of the upcoming 3D animated film in 2017. The breakout star in 2014’s The LEGO® Movie has certainly found its sequel, sort of.