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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PhilBricksters Officially at Toy Con 2010!

06.22.2010 - They say if you put dedication and hard work plus passion in one interest everything will fall in the right places. As being a PB member I have never seen how dedicated and passionate the members put up a project like this.
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In a small way this is priceless and that's how you put the effort in bringing the group together. As I remember back in 2008 when we where building the LEGO® City for World Vision I already saw the dedication in each member who participated. From Jig, Vito, and the rest of the gang they where present from day one of the announcement up to the inauguration.

I had my hand on participating in the event even though the place was far, and had mashed up my schedule. But being part of the group its not only about attending the inauguration, but by supporting the group and at the same time being hands-on.

Not just going to be there when they give you the credit, and saying I was part of the group. But you where not there entirely for the whole duration of the process on how it was built.

That's not how I as one of the founders do hogging up the limelight, and as a group its a team effort to be there every step of the way. This group is not mine to own, and the spotlight shines directly on the group. Not on who founded  or started it, but for the team who deserved the acknowledgment.

So moving forward to this Toy Con 2010 project I commend Jigman, Camatung, Vito, Reiner, and the names behind the usernames I forgot to mention, who had done a tremendous effort in putting this together.

You guys are awesome. I envy you all not being part of the project as if I'm just a new member here who just joined in today. This is something most highly appreciated to be given a well deserving credit.

If I could get out of this poverty I'll do something for the group. For now all I can say is thank you to all those who went out and become part of this experience. I'm sure Mach & Arlene are blown away about this project, and I can't wait to see what you all have plans for Toy Con 2011.

I'm just enjoying the view from the sidelines.

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