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Monday, February 3, 2014

The LEGO® Movie 70801 Melting Room!

02.03.2014 – The LEGO® Movie set has been released, which started to appear in retail and specialty shops. It is being sold by small-business importers online. But their price point varies depends on where to acquire them.

The most common place you’ll see these new sets are in retail stores like Toy Kingdom and Toys R’ Us among the popular shops.

There are also department stores and high-end shops like Rustan’s and the local distributors own store. But these sets cost more due to its popularity and the upcoming film nearing its theatrical release date.

But you have options which can be the specialty stores mostly located in Greenhills, San Juan with a hundred pesos less. It depends on how they are selling it, but if you want to spend less the small-business online importers is the last option.

If you have seen the sets the most basic are retailed at PhP 1,399.75 pesos while the most expensive can be Super Cycle Chase going for PhP 4,699.75 pesos. But then again President Business’ Evil Lair would be the set that will cost more due to having all almost all the main characters which includes Vitrusvius (voiced by Morgan Freeman).

Then again if you only want the main characters like Emmet and Wyldstyle the basic set that you only need is the Melting Room (80801) which includes 122 pieces and three minifigures.


The box is simple having “The LEGO® Movie” and the particular scene with the Melting Room, which probably a spoiler in the film. It’s the scene where Emmet is about to be melted in a pile of goo. It’s not a torture device but a death machine similar to a scene in a James Bond film with the laser pointing slowly killing its victim.

This one appears that Emmet is chained on his back ready to be melted by this device which was guarded by a Robo SWAT.

LEGO® certainly has put enough quality in this set to get more would-be future Master Builders to be interested with their brand. This set is distributed in the US market as the number of pieces is displayed along with the box photo art, while the ones released in Asia and Europe doesn’t show those details.


Opening the box reveal three bags LEGO® and an instruction manual / product catalog. Those who have been aware about the elements would notice the new ones included in this set, and if you’re familiar with the LEGO® Technic series some of the elements from that particular product are used to build the Melting Room.

Putting together is not that difficult unless a 6 year old starts building this he/she needs adult supervision following he step-by-step process.


Usually the manual always start putting together the minifigures and there are three of them included in this set.

You got Emmet with his construction uniform and attach to his back is the “Piece of Resistance.” He has two facial expressions printed on both side of his head. While Wylestyle is in her original outfit which includes a new head piece in the form of her hood that is made of soft plastic.

The common figure among the three included is the Robo SWAT, which includes a weapon that resembles a phaser rifle from Star Trek First Contact but it a claw stud for you to add a scope.

There are other nifty accessories included in this set like two handcuffs and an axe, which is sort of Wyldstyle’s weapon. There will be leaf over parts that won’t b used in this as most LEGO® sets will have extra.

Upon building the Melting Room you’ll see moving parts and details incorporate into this death machine that would turn any minifigure into a puddle of melted plastic.

It might not seem the best set to get when you only wanted the two main characters from the film. But it’s an alternative if you’re having a hard time trying to get Emmet and Wyldstyle from the Collectible Minifigure Series 12.

Overall it’s a fun build but what attracts this set is the minifigures that came with it, which is not bad if you think of some diabolical idea to have the Meting Room play a part in your stop-motion project.

The LEGO® Movie 70801 Melting Room was acquired at Big Boys Toy Store for PhP 1,295.00 pesos. For more inquiries and availability LIKE Big Boys Toy Store on Facebook!

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