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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Asia Pop Comicon 2015: Artline Stix!

09.17.2015 – There have been several brands that produce their version of a building toy and it’s rare that a few would be interested. Some are unique and have creative ways to put together a structure with the product itself and then there are Artline pens.

During the ‘Industry Professional’ day at the Asia Pop Comicon Artline pens has official unveil their newest product though for some may not think of this is related to a building or construction toy, but it certainly is a little closer to that concept.

The slogan says ‘draw, build and play’ and its something new for a company that produces Artline pens, Now they are incorporating playability via the ‘building toy’ concept just like any brand that produces toys that you build with your imagination Artline pens have the ‘Artline Stix’ a set of colourful markers that differentiate itself to the product they have been known for.

‘Artline Stix’ takes artistry to the next level as not only your colourful markers are for putting your imagination to work through art you also build something out fo a number of Artline pens that you have.

The pens itself has their own version of the stud and interlocking parts for you to put together something from your imagination. The concept is sound but it depends now how it will attract the younger crowd. But if you want to check it out they are now being sold during Asia Pop Comicon beginning today.

‘Artline Stix’ is where you draw, build, and play letting your imaginations run wild on paper or putting together out of those colourful pens.

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