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Thursday, October 15, 2015

KRE-O ® Star Trek Series 2: Mugato!

10.15.2015 – Star Trek is a big universe that the television series from The Next Generation to Enterprise lasted eighteen years. Not including the classic Original Series that started it all, which lasted three seasons and becoming a cult phenomenon.

The Original Series itself has bigger stories and memorable characters that even though it was cancelled it still syndicated that built that foundation for the newer series. As mentioned there are characters and one of them is the hairy Mugato!

Star Trek the Original Series have a fair share of creatures both awkwardly weird at the same time interesting. Like the creature known as the Salt Vampire or this ape-like carnivore called the Mugato that was only seen in the second season episode titled “A Private Little War.”

The creature may look campy but during those times the quality of the show was ahead for its time. The Mugato may be some random creature but that’s what makes science fiction look cool in the 1960s, and the older fans can attest this creature is what makes the original series one of the interesting conversations.

Blood Sucking Horny Ape

Originally it was called the “Gumato” in the script, but DeForest Kelley could not pronounce the name correctly and it was changed. Both Kelley and William Shatner pronounced the name as “Mugatu” all the way through the episode, and “Mugato” is still frequently misspelled “Mugatu” in various sources such as The Star Trek Compendium. But when KRE-O released the series 2 blind bags they got it right.

The ape-like creature is from the subtropical savanna regions of the planet Neural. They are large and intimidating animals that could reach a height of two meters (not including their horns). They are covered by a thick pelt of white fur all over their bodies with the exception of their faces and hands similar to the great apes of Earth.

These Mugatos are dangerous because all of their teeth were sharp, serrated and their fangs contained strong venom that was fatal to Humans and inhabitants of Neural alike. They had large, thick horns projecting from the top of their craniums as well as smaller spikes running down the spine.

A Smiling Mugato

The Kreon version of the Mugato in block form seemed less of a danger to other mini-figures. It’s less threatening in appearance but rather more a jolly looking creature that needs a hug even if no one wants one.

It could have been an interesting mini-figure if KRE-O produced an imposing character a little larger than the usual Kreon. But it only appears like some guy in a cheap costume looking like a hairy creature with a huge horn on top his head.

This version of Mugato is far from the ape-like biting creature from Neural more like a mascot with a very long spiky tail that usual falls off just like the horn attach to its head. The facial expression is more like he’s happy to see you kind of jovial expression for those who have not seen a Mugato in a long time.

It’s not a MugatU

Its either you mispronounce or incorrectly spell its name the Mugato is one of the rare creatures to be included in the second wave of Star Trek blind bags of mini-figure. It could be someone else by KRE-O was probably optimistic they would come up with a third wave but unfortunately it never happened.

The Mugato could have been a better representation of its mini-figure form if they made a larger version of the character to terrorize all the little landing parties that came with Captain Kirk. But this is good enough compensation to have as Hasbro and Oxford Toys has stopped producing Star Trek altogether ending with a series 2 set.

Mugato” is part of the wave 2 characters for Star Trek included in the blind bag for Kre-O produced by Hasbro and OxFord Toys. This was sold on clearance at Toys R' Us store in the Philippines for PhP 100.00 pesos each.

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