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Monday, October 26, 2015

PinoyLUG Bricktober 2015 Highlights!

10.26.2015 – Over the past weekend PinoyLUG held their first ever Bricktober event, which is also their first anniversary as Registered LEGO® Users Group (RLUG). The event featured exhibits of sets privately owned by members.

There where food and drinks provided which also have activities throughout the two-day event that includes mini-screenings, MOC builds for kids, and giveaways to participants. It was a party to celebrate as a community that also cares.

Bricktober was held at DK Collectibles (Druids Keep) comic shop, where half of the PhP 100.00 pesos entrance fee will be donated to the of victims of typhoon Lando. There where a lot of activity going on at Bricktober that have a few handful of online sellers where present. There was also a mini-auction too and activities for AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®).

PinoyLUG’s mantra inspired from The LEGO® Movie, “Everything is Awesome” has made this community continue to flourish that caters to everyone from casual LEGO® enthusiasts to talented MOC (My Own Creation) builders.

This was one of the most anticipated events for the growing community that appreciate every member out there. The stories about the past weekend are not enough to define their celebration, but these images taken is enough to give you an idea what Bricktober was all about…


The first day was unexpected where the once spacious section of DK Collectibles was packed by members and new faces that have never seen too much LEGO® in one place. There where food and drinks provided with sweets given away by sponsors. There was a cake given to PinoyLUG that featured the community’s logo.

It was a whole day affair that lasted until 7 PM where most have spoken online some of the members met for the first time in person. It was a veritable social event for everyone who where into the LEGO® that doesn’t have any boundaries. It was a celebration more than just another community into the hobby about LEGO®.


While the weekend winds down the event didn’t stop and more food and drinks where served. It was also a ‘family oriented’ event on the last day of Bricktober where more kids roam the exhibits seeing some MOC sets in one section and licensed themed sets on the other where changing.

There where activities on Sunday too and just like any event it was great while it lasted. The weekend that is a celebration for PinoyLUG was a mission accomplished that was organized not just by the LUG Ambassador himself, but a team effort from those members who made Bricktober happen.

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