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Friday, November 20, 2015

KRE-O ® Dungeons & Dragons: Vansi!

11.20.2015 – Dungeons & Dragons originally a role playing game a table top activity that expanded into a multimedia franchise with comic books, movies, and animation related to it. Not to mention the collectible merchandise that kept the brand growing.

This was a surprising part for KRE-O to produce a theme based from D&D, and it made it to the Philippines unlike G.I. Joe that was never seen in toy shelves. If you’re into medieval times this might be the theme for you that even featured a female Orc!

KRE-O launched the first wave of ‘Kreon Warrior’ packs in 2014 with its first wave that has carded minifigures with their exclusive accessories. D&D thrive on fantasy and role play as the theme sets gimmick for this series is that each set includes also a special carded for that tabletop game.

For those who only think about acquiring the sets and minifigures this is not just a theme that you need to collect. At first glance you’ll find Dungeons & Dragons for KRE-O uninteresting but turns out the concept for this line involves the use of the sets that can be part of the game like ‘War Hammer’ and it implores the use of the special cards that comes with the carded sets.

It’s a She-Orc

Rarely will you find female characters in male-oriented hobby like KRE-O, but you’ll be surprised to know that the character Vansi is actually a female Orc. You’ll never notice unless you look closely at this minifigure and the only female character in the Dungeons & Dragons theme sets that’s now on clearance.

This ‘Kreon Warrior’ set includes 30 pieces that make up Vansi and the weapons rack with two minifigure stands. The round stand is the one you use of the game that includes a particular card featuring the character.

Armed to the Teeth

Vansi is deadly with her weapons fighting for the Orcs and you’ll see her allegiance to the flag she swore. The nice touch of details on the minifigure’s face is rarely appreciated for those who just acquired this on clearance. Some who past on this set would probably look for her now that Vansi is now most wanted female Orc.

Besides the minifigure’s details head and body print the weapons are also the ones most army builders would take from Vansi. The weapon’s rack a great add-on piece for those are madly scrambling to upgrade their roster that really play the tabletop game which is sadly not the primary interest for those who have collected this theme.

Female Orcs in KRE-O’s Dungeons & Dragons like Vansi is a must have not because of just acquiring it for the accessories and the weapons, but the character itself seems to be more interesting if there’s a fiction that supports it. Hasbro certainly had a great hand in producing this theme that was originally an interactive tabletop game with construction toys that’s rarely seen by just some random collector.

Dungeons & Dragons: Vansi is part of the first wave sets released in 2014 currently on clearance in the Philippines for PhP 50.00 pesos.

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