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Thursday, November 19, 2015

KRE-O ® Star Trek Series 2: Quark!

11.19.2015 – Star Trek Deep Space Nine is a series that made a difference. It’s a Star Trek series that wasn’t set in a starship, but in a space station known as Deep Space Nine where interesting characters you’ll see that was aired for seven years.

One of them is a bar keep named Quark a Ferengi, but not just some alien who just serves drinks he’s one of the most interesting characters in the series.

A Ferengi in Star Trek is an alien race that thrives on commerce. There’s too much commerce involve in Ferenginar. Quark is one of those business-minded Ferengi much like a ‘bumbay’ when you need to loan, but none the less an interesting character on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Quark was part of the second wave of minifigures included in the second wave of blind-bagged series for Star Trek based from the television series from TOS (The Original Series), TNG (The Next Generation), DS9 (Deep Space Nine), and some characters from the motion pictures like Khan Nooine Singh (Wrath of Khan) and General Chang (Undiscovered Country).

Just Serving up Some Drinks

Quark portrayed by Armin Shimerman is a Ferengi for most of the series either you’ll like or hate him he’s one of the reasons Deep Space Nine was as popular as its other Star Trek shows being aired in the 1990s. His alien race are stereotypically capitalist and motivated only by profit mostly latinum, a form of credit in Ferigninar.

So most of the time in the series he’s in his bar dealing with fraudulent types of business that ends in a good or bad thing, but Constable Odo keeps an eye on what Quark do and that makes both of the character’s chemistry interesting to watch.

Too Short of a Ferengi

The Quark minifigure is probably the shortest character included in the second wave of the blind-bagged series that was discontinued by KRE-O as currently that the Star Trek rights are now owned by Mega Bloks. But it will be a long time before to come up with their version of Quark for now this kreon is the one to man your bar.

This is the second shortest minifigure to be included in the Star Trek blind-bagged series as the first one (included in series 1) was Keenser, the loyal sidekick of Montgomery Scott in the JJ Abrams directed Star Trek film.

Serving up drinks ONLY

This version of Quark doesn’t like he’s in to do some business profits. But what’s interesting is the design that went to bringing this character in Kreon form. The familiar lobes of a Ferengi were moulded appropriately for this minifigure. It’s actually exclusive to this figure that you now see a brick form of a Ferengi.

He comes with a serving tray made of three pieces with a wine glass and what could be a Klingon Blood Wine bottle. Quark could serve up a mean Raktajino that Klingon coffee, but he never had a mug for it. But this minifigure is ready to serve you all kinds of drinks just don’t forget to give him a Latinum tip for his time

Quark the Ferengi” is part of the wave 2 characters for Star Trek included in the blind bag for Kre-O produced by Hasbro and OxFord Toys. This was sold on clearance at Toys R' Us store in the Philippines for PhP 100.00 pesos each.

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