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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

LEGO® Creator 6752: Fire Rescue!

11.03.2010 – In early 2009 LEGO revealed its newest line for the 3 in 1 Creator series and one notable set that was surprisingly challenging to build is the Fire Rescue truck set number 6752 retailed price at $49.99 US which has 717 pieces.

The red colored fire truck looks like those from the discontinued Model Series in the late 1990s with smooth slopes and contours that takes the shape of the ever iconic fire engines.

The set can also let you build a Fire car or a rescue helicopter with detailed turbine engine. This set is so massive that they packed the pieces in 10 mini bags.

In building the Fire Rescue truck takes a lot of patience and this is recommended for kids’ age 8 to 12 years old with assistance of an adult.

It’s one of those challenging but less complicated builds that takes so much of your time to put together. The contour details have greatly improved in this set compared to the previous series that allow you to build bigger vehicles.

If you have consistently built these kinds of sets there’s no problem for you to put this together unless you’re an 8 year old. But for any LEGO enthusiast who can’t get enough in building these sets it would probably take you less than two hours to put this together.

The set contains 717 pieces and for a newbie who rarely gets to build this kind of set it would take you longer but it’s definitely a labour of love once you put the final pieces together.

The Fire Rescue’s detail is definitely impressive for its design whoever conceptualize this should greatly be given a pat on the back. Because during the build of this set while taking its shape you’ll notice how the cab was put together and going through the steering wheel down to its detailed accessories it was done nicely.

Honestly you won’t even bother dismantling this to build another vehicle that it’s in the manual. This comes with three manuals for you to build three vehicles. But if you’re creative enough you can build a better vehicle of your own using the pieces available.

The Fire Rescue has working doors and crane type ladder that rotates 360 degrees. The ladder itself extends straight up with a working hydraulics to lock it upward that measures 45cm from the wheels to the tip of the water gun. The four big tires with the detailed rim makes you want to keep this in its default appearance. There are some intricate details on both sides even a mini cabinet near the rear part of the truck.

Though it does not have a light brick or any other gimmick to impress you it’s going to be a challenge to put this together.

But once you have it done you’ll definitely appreciate this more. Unfortunately its off scale for the standard mini figure but if you have the old Technic figure this might work in photo not when he rides it due to the small space in the driver’s seat.

Interested in getting your own Fire Rescue 6752? Get yours locally in all Toy Kingdom, Toys R’ Us, Build City and Hobbes & Landes store branches just check them for availability. Price may vary as this set was purchased in South Korea last year.

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