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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Philippine Bricksters, Tara Na!

08.21.2011 – Hey there fellow Philippine Bricksters! We know our blog wasn’t up and running the way we planned last year. Just like any brick we start small and gradually build our site up.

Originally the blog would provide us something for the group, but since most of us have commitments and the only activity to promote the group is through our group site in Multiply and Social Media presence through Facebook which is linked to our twitter.

If you’re new to the Philippine Bricksters you’d be surprised that the group has been around since August 2007. Originally it’s a place where a small group of people who grew up with LEGO namely me, Arlene Catanghal, and Mach Manuel together with friends from another toy group who where into construction building toys.

We haven’t introduced ourselves properly through this blog as you noticed that our earlier post was from Toy Con 2010 with our very first exhibit. Got to hand it to you folks Philippine Bricksters is not only about LEGO, but other construction building toys namely MEGA BLOKS, the now discontinued Built To Rule from Hasbro, Korea’s OxFord Toys, and other construction toys out there.

This does not include the collaboration between Hasbro and OxFord Toys in bringing you the Kre-O building toys that produced the latest Transformers sets which is based from the recent Box Office film Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

So forgive us as we build our blog site the way our Multiply Group site was made meaning we’re posting old material as dated back from 2007. Most of the photos and stories we would like share to you have not been seen at our Multiply Group site which some were unpublished.

We haven’t been this organized to maintaining this blog as most of us are still in our Multiply Group site which we started and the most active members who were there since. The next one is at our Official Facebook Fan Page, which you can find some MOCs (My Own Creation) by our young builders as well the YTH (Young at Heart) members which consist of the parents and elder builders who grew up with LEGO bricks of the past.

Not to forget that we have recently celebrated our Fourth Birthday or Anniversary last August 10th. As Philippine Bricksters was founded in 2007. This month a blessing in disguise that the recently popular unveiling of the Department of Tourism’s project dubbed “LEGO Pilipinas, Tara Na!” was kinda of icing on the cake to celebrate the group’s anniversary even though most of us were not part of the build team who began the project some four months ago.

But some of the recent members of Philippine Bricksters were part of this build headed by Master Builder and honorary member Jigs Manoloto. Based on the project team there where 10 people who built this huge project and we are proud of our members who made this.

Acknowledgement and “a pat in the back” for the PB Team who spent their hours putting up these wonderful and creative pieces. If you have the time and luxury to drop by the Main Podium area at SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City you can check out the display which will be there from August 12 to 27, 2011.

Philippine Bricksters, Tara Na!

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