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Monday, November 21, 2011

American Spy Car Build at Toys R' Us!

11.21.2011 – Last October 15, 2011 selected K-Mart and Toys R’ Us shops held the special American Spy Build featuring Red “Torque” Redline a fictional spy car who appeared in Cars 2.

It was voiced by “Burn Notice” and “Evil Dead” actor Bruce Campbell. Red “Torque” Redline is an exclusive build and you can only acquire the booklet through TRU in North America.

You can build your own American Spy car through “Toys N Bricks” forum which they shared the instructions to make one.

The build needs 29 pieces that you may or may not have but be sure to double check the pieces you need to make this famed American Spy Car. The directions are easy just follow the detailed instructions.

Redline is an interesting piece to build for those who followed The World of Cars and it’s definitely one of the characters that stand out. Definitely it’s worth building one to add to your cast of Cars characters. For the complete gallery check it out HERE.

Acknowledgement goes out to friends from The Bay Area who attended the Bricktober event and sending this as a token of appreciation.

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