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Sunday, January 8, 2012

At World's End with Mega Bloks Jack Sparrow 1048!

01.08.2012 – If you just recently picked up the latest incarnation of Pirates of the Caribbean sets from LEGO® you’d be surprised that the properties firs appeared before in Megabloks.

The current iteration of the Pirates of the Caribbean series in the movie titled “On Strangers Tides” shown in 2011 was not the only set produce to promote the series.

In fact Megabloks started it with “Dead Man’s Chest” which also reproduced some of the scenes in the very first movie in the “Curse of the black Pearl.” The sets made in the mid-2000s were enough for you to create some of the memorable scenes in these movies that can’t be done in the recent sets.

Megabloks provided something different with the Disney licensing property for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Some of the most interesting sets that came out include the gigantic Kraken which definitely was not reproduced by LEGO® aside from the “On Strangers Tide” sets.

For the most part it’s kind of awkward seeing a mini figure version of Captain Jack sparrow when you’re used to seeing the its version from Megabloks.

This brings us to feature a set that we found last December 2011 that would give the idea how different Captain Jack Sparrow’s appearance makes it more best remembered as part of the Megabloks series of building sets than its current place in the LEGO® series of licensed properties.

The Jack Sparrow set number 1048 is an interesting find since it was discontinued after its last film “At World’s End” wrapped up in 2006. There were several Megabloks sets where virtually unsold but most of bulk was the bigger ones like the Kraken which was last seen available in clearance. The Canadian brand in Megabloks is locally distributed by Richwell Trading in the Philippines who is the major retailer for the Mattel products namely Barbie and Hot Wheels.

This mini-pack set has 26 pieces which includes the mini figure that has distinguishable appearance to Captain Jack Sparrow one of the primary characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Captain Jack is portrayed by actor Johnny Depp who breath life to the character which is a across between The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and cartoon character Pepé Le Pew.

The Megabloks mini figure has more articulated joints compared to the LEGO® version that came out with the “On Strangers Tides” series. The mini set that came with mini figure has intricate pieces that stand on its own.

The interesting part that is in detail here is the wooden crate that is wrapped with the cloth like net. The mini figure is the standard Jack Sparrow which comes with a saber sword as an accessory.

Packaged in a bubble type card upon opening this has its own compact container disguised as Captain Jack’s famous compass that he carries around in the movie. Upon opening the oversized compass you’ll see the set packed in plastic. When you removed the set inside the container there’s a sticker print of the compass. The container itself is sturdy enough for you to keep the set and this includes the instruction manual disguise as a treasure map.

Overall it’s a cool set if you can still find it on clearance as the current Disney property is now being produce by LEGO® under their own version of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

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