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Friday, August 10, 2012

Philippine Bricksters at Five: We Build with You.

08.10.2012 – LEGO® celebrates its 80th Anniversary with humble beginnings first as a wooden toy manufacturer until they changed to the company we know today.

In the Philippines nobody would notice our humble beginnings from this date five years ago in those quiet evenings as setting up the original Multiply Group site was unexpected.

During that year LEGO® was celebrating its golden anniversary and the idea about putting a local group won’t take off until January 2008. Mach “Diesel” Manuel has talked about his past growing up owning LEGO® sets that you can only see in those old catalogs.

In fact up to this day he still owns one piece from his childhood which he almost sold it on eBay. As for me I lost the sets I originally owned growing up. There were one or two particular sets that I would remember having played and losing some of its pieces. To this day I wonder if those are still out there which you can only see now being sold at that’s tripled in its value.

Those were the times when you are trying to build a creation not in the instruction manual biting a piece to remove another piece. We would never know until they came up with a brick separator too late to see some of the bricks having bite marks.

To this day I wonder… Until I saw this photo of me with my sister playing one evening with all the sets I owned in this undated photo.

Now you know how it felt growing up building things from those sets really developed your childhood. I’m sure you have those old photos of you playing with your sets and sharing this with everyone is like how we envisioned building Philippine Bricksters just like how we grew up.

Thank you for making the group possible to the current admins. This goes out also to the members who are experienced builders and newbies who actively share their creations, MOCs, and latest sets in our Official Facebook Page and Multiply Group Site. Philippine Bricksters is not just about three people who started this journey it’s about those who shares their passion with LEGO and other construction toys.

The group is not limited to LEGO® itself as we continue to grow each year because Philippine Bricksters is about building interests in the hobby.

On behalf of Mach and Laney we impart this message to continue to be creative, innovative, and stay active!

Mark Cerbo, Co-Founder of the Philippine Bricksters.

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