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Monday, October 22, 2012

KRE-O TF Kreon Micro-Changers Spotlight!

10.22.2012 – American brand Hasbro and Korean toy manufacturer Oxford the toy companies behind the successful KRE-O building sets has jump on the mini figure packs that LEGO and Mega Bloks have enjoyed a big market of interest for this particular theme.

Some collectors or anyone is only interested in the mini figures minus the building sets and as you all know LEGO has been at the forefront with this theme.

Other brands like Mega Bloks and now KRE-O has followed suit in having their own mini-packs dedicated to their products.

KRE-O for anyone who doesn’t know much of the product that Hasbro introduced sometime in 2010 is their current building toy brand that can interlock with other leading brands in LEGO and Mega Bloks.

The product mostly focused in Hasbro’s main brand like Transformers, Battleship, G.I. Joe and the upcoming Star Trek sets for 2013. Originally KRE-O is actually the international name that Oxford is using for Hasbro. The Korean company has been known for producing their own products exclusively for their region since the 1990s.

They have their own brand of sets if you have been buying the KRE-O sets most of the mini figures used are the same ones from their products. But under the KRE-O brand for Hasbro they have produced new molds for the Transformers brand.

The collaboration with Hasbro and Oxford in bringing Kre-O has produced a mini figure pack in the Transformers Kreons Micro-Changers featuring an All-Decepticon roster to complete in this wave you got six characters.

Out of the six we have on-hand three Kreons in Galvatron, Spinister and Waspinator that we take a closer look on each of these characters based from the Transformers Generation One and Best Wars Series. They are Galvatron and Spinister from the G1 series and Waspinator from Beast Wars. What’s interesting about these new mini-packs is they have incorporated the 2 in 1 concept from the Transformers toy line.

Each mini figure character has their own alternate mode that they can transform into. But the truth just like the bigger sets that have you have to dismantle and rebuild them into robot or vehicle mode.

Sometimes that idea doesn’t get translated easily to younger audience since some expected they transform not get dismantled and then rebuilt. But it depends on which country you present your product with that kind of concept.

For these three characters the best figure in robot mode by terms of design and based from its original counterpart is Galvatron. But if you notice his helmet which was a straight repaint from the Sentinel Prime mini figure that came with the set. While the arm cannon is from Megatron also from the first wave of Kre-O sets that was released during the height of Transformers Dark of the Moon.

The next figure is not largely popular like any Decepticon that had a Kre-O mini figure but for any hardcore TransFan they know this character named Spinister.

In fact even though Spinister is not as popular as the other mainstream characters like Starcream this Decepticon has appeared in comics playing a larger role. But for those who hasn’t been introduced to Spinister the original toy was a Decepticon Target Master.

The mini figure version recycles Mirage helmet with a new face made for this figure. The simplest mini figure that transforms in the helicopter doesn’t leave any parts unlike Galvatron which doesn’t look exactly as what he looks like in packaging.

The only character from the Beast Wars series is none other than Waspinator the Predacon which transforms into an insect. The mini figure version uses Jazz helmet to hide his bug-eyed face which doesn’t really show that he’s a Beast Wars character rather more like the famed Autobot in green with all the parts attachments.

In all the three mini figures the best having its parts intact is Spinister unlike Galvatron in his laser cannon mode he leaves his helmet while Waspinator leaves his legs. In robot mode Waspinator leaves some parts out.

So when you look at Spinister he has his parts turn into a huge weapon or part of his body in helicopter mode. Though not entirely looking like the actual character since we mentioned that he's just recycling some parts like his helmet from Mirage.

The Kreon Micro-Changers pack is an interesting set retailing in the Philippines for PhP 150.00 pesos.

But at Great Toys Online a specialty shop they are selling all six as a set for PhP 1,500.00 pesos. They are also selling this as an individual pack but if you looking for this to complete the set they have it.

The KRE-O Transformers: Kreon Micro-Changers pack is available in retail and it’s on random blind packs but if you know the red serial numbers in the front of the packaging you won’t have any problems sorting out which one you’d like to get.

Overall if you want to get one Galvatron out of the three the most familiar Decepticon you should start getting first as it might be the most wanted mini figure among the pack.

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