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Thursday, October 25, 2012

LEGO® Promotions Unveiled by Shell Philippines!

10.25.2012 – LEGO® and Shell celebrate 40 years of partnerships from its very first LEGO Shell tanker from 1970 and it seems the launch at the Mind Museum today is the one we previously reported during our Singapore trip in September.

There was even a radio report that it reveals that it is confirmed that there will be six buildable Ferrari sets...

This also includes one mini figure available at all Shell outlets when you fuel up for a Shell V Nitro worth PhP 1,500 pesos to acquire one that would begin tomorrow until sometime in November.

Just like what we have reported last month the sets will be individually packed with the classic Ferrari cars as well as the must have mini figure. The mysterious cloth in this video has finally been unveiled at the Mind Museum with the rest of the LEGO®, Shell, and Ferrari related display.

It seems we’re finally getting the sets we have previously reported being sold in Singapore but as announced you need to fuel up to acquire these exclusive sets.

Blogger Hannah Villasis of Flair Candy even updated an image of a full size Ferrari F1 race car that was built for 18 months now on display at the Mind Museum

Photo by Hannah Villasis of

So if you happen to be planning on collecting these exclusive sets you need a car and worth PhP 1,500.00 pesos to get one.

LEGO® Promotion 2012 at Shell Philippines and details can be found at the official site at:

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