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Friday, February 15, 2013

LEGO® CUUSOO: Macross VF-1 Valkyrie +Fast Pack!

02.15.2013 – LEGO builder MaxVF has been developing his MOC (My Own Creation) of the classic and iconic Japanese anime in Macross. He created a MOC of the VF-1 Valkrie a variable fighter that converts into three modes from the Japanese anime from the 1980s. This without taking out any parts or dismantling it like any transforming robot made of bricks which makes this even more interesting.

In the Super Dimensional Fortress known as Macross the ship is actually a floating city that carried survivors from the Earth invasion by the giant humanoids called the Zentraedi. The premise of the series and in an effort to protect themselves they have the VF-1 Japanese transforming robot.

The VF-1 transforms from the default fighter jet to the Gerwalk, a half plane with exposed legs. The third mode is he Battroid robot armed with the standard blaster.

MaxVF recreates the famous machine without dismantling anything capable of doing all three modes and the first development was in 2011. The only part that’s been added when it’s on battlroid is the cover for the pilot cockpit which usually slides out in robot mode in the actual toys. Of course translating it in recreating the robot in LEGO is a bit more challenging.

The MOC first revealed online and had a video that featured the basic VF-1 that was piloted by Hikaru Ichijo (Rick Hunter in the US dubbed series). It had basic parts when it was put together then throughout 2012 MaxVF had added improvements and modification which also incorporates the armor.

The concept of the VF-1 would definitely a potential for LEGO if it is given a support in making this possible and if you are part of LEGO Cuusoo then pledge your support to make it happen. The original Macross series celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012. It would definitely put the property in the map if LEGO picks its license and produce an actual product line.

Definitely one of the iconic properties from the 1980s that Japan had going on which became famous all over the world and if you think MaxVF’s concept is the next best thing for LEGO to look at then show your support HERE!

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