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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Robot Chicken Short: LEGO® My Pieces.

12.18.2012 – Adult Swim was originally shown late night on Cartoon Network until they spin off and had their own channel featuring shows not really dedicated to younger audience.

There’s one show that has been running since the days being part of Cartoon Network and that show was Robot Chicken which was produced by Seth Green.

The show features stop motion animation using existing toys and they make a parody anything that’s been talked about in the mainstream pop culture. All the more reason that the show is not for younger audience and please read before you watch the short clip featuring LEGO® toys in this stop motion animation.

We suggest viewer discretion is highly advised if you want to see this which has sex and violence all over it which is why Adult Swim is only seen in selected territories. The clip that you’ll be watching features minifigures and a suburban home built in LEGO® and this is the story…

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