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Monday, October 21, 2013

Joker Mini Mech Build at Toys R' US!

10.21.2013 – The Joker Mini Mech build is this year’s Bricktober giveaway and for those who never got the chance to pick one up at their nearest TRU in North America (for US based PB members) we’re providing you an instruction manual to make your own bot.

The Joker is certainly Batman’s most interesting arch nemesis and LEGO gives you the opportunity to build the clown prince of crime’s Joker Mini Mech build which was an exclusive promotion from Toys R’US. But if you haven’t got one build one right away!

All you need are certain elements to make the build and it’s not impossible to complete those parts needed. But if you haven’t got the necessary elements you still have the instruction manual here for you reference…

Taking a closer look at the Joker Mini Mech in all angles certainly he’s a thing of beauty. Imagine Mark Hamill the voice from the original Batman: The Animated Series would say something out about this build…

Bricktober is an annual Toys R’ US in store promotion happening on the first day of October up to the first day of November depends on the promotional item that’s available which is for US residence only.

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