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Friday, January 31, 2014

CMS 12: The LEGO® Movie Emmet & Wyldstyle!

01.31.2014 – The LEGO® Movie is in SIX days in the Philippines and surely you’ve have probably seen the sets based from the film, and the Collectible Minifigure Series (CMS) 12 which have SIXTEEN minifigures in a blind packaging.

The most that everyone is looking for is Wyldstyle in her Wild West dress, which in some specialty store is being sold for PhP 430.00 pesos...

But the best place you can find them is from retail which has been marked so you won’t need to try and “get a feel” of the ones that hard to get.

Taking a look at the two main characters that you might not have, but still don’t know what they look like up close. Since the images that you see online are not the actual photos here are Hard Hat Emmet and Wild West Wyldstyle…

Hard Hat Emmet

The “chosen one” as Vitrusvius has mentioned in the trailers, who even doesn’t know himself being the savior. The is character voiced by Chris Pratt and this version is the Hard Hat Emmet featuring a new element which is his Safety Hat that molded his hair on the side.

Emmet has two facial expression printed on both sides of his head, that is rarely included in some of the CMS 12 blind pack assortment. He is dressed in his work clothes and the print is all the way to the back of the minifigure.

Comparing Emmet to the other minifigures he stands out being a cheerful character and adds personality to the group of construction workers.

Wild West Wyldstyle

She is voiced by Elizabeth Banks in the film as sort of protector to Emmet in his adventure who believes that he is the “chosen one.” She drives a unique kind of modified dragster hybrid motorcycle (see set 70808 Super Cycle Chase) that can be seen in the teasers and trailers of the film.

This version of Wyldstyle is in a Wild West dress that is similar to the Japanese Kimono girl from CMS 4 blind pack figure. But Ms. Wyldstyle is dressed in black and the print goes all over to her back which shows her feminine side compared to the other versions that came out with selected sets based from the movie.

Wild West Wyldstyle is one of the most sought after minifigures from CMS 12 blind pack assortment that as mentioned would be expensive to acquire being sold in loose.

Overall Hard Hat Emmet and Wild West Wyldstyle is the primary figures to get if you are looking to not complete all sixteen of the Collectible Minifigure Series 12.

The difficult ones to get are not included in the series but only available as part of the sets, and it will be a challenge to acquire them knowing that they are expensive on retail.

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