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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cobi Scooby Doo Series!

01.14.2014 – Cobi is one of the lesser known LEGO® clones around behind Megabloks and Kre-O that are presently have products sold in Toy Kingdom and Toys R’ Us in the Philippines. Most would think it’s another clone that’s made from China.

Some thought it’s another product from China what most people doesn’t know is that they are a company based in Poland. Cobi has been around since 1987 as importer and distributor of a wide assortment of licensed toys until they produced their own products starting with building toys in 1992.

Currently Cobi has merged with another known company in Best-Lock which is based in England. The popularity of their construction toys began to expand in 1997.

By 2010 their products expanded releasing licensed products like Ben 10 and the popular Scooby Doo sets and blind pack mini figures. It’s interesting to know that for an unknown company everyone thought this LEGO® clone is just another China made brand that appear to have cheap plastic quality.

What are making Cobi popular are their licensed products from Warner Bros. which owns Cartoon Network. Scooby Doo for example is one of the series Cobi licensed that hasn’t made it in the Philippines but has possibly garnered interest out there.

Just like Megabloks, Kre-O and event LEGO® has released their mini figure blind packs which Cobi is not behind in having their own collectibles.

The sets are interesting too having the Mystery Machine and other sets related to the shows makes the classic Hanna-Barbera produced cartoon still relevant over the years. So far they are the most popular license brands such as Ben 10, Winx Club, Jeep Willys, Boeing, Titanic, and Monsters VS Zombies to name a few of their popular products.

If you find Cobi to be the next best alternative LEGO® clone compared to Kre-O and Megabloks they are available at leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. Besides their popular license they are also one of the few brands that have military based construction toys that you may find interesting.

Cobi is a company based in Poland and already has expanded their products that are available all over the world. For more LIKE Cobi on Facebook and you can also subscribe on their YouTube Channel at: The Cobi Cobi

Visit the official site at: Cobi.PL

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