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Friday, January 10, 2014

LEGO® Preview: Inside The Simpsons House!

01.10.2014 – Now you’ve seen the exterior and some interior parts of the LEGO® The Simpsons House. This time taking a close look on each of the interior rooms as wells as the minifigures that came with the huge set everyone is talking about.

There are SIX minifigures included in this first look of the LEGO® The Simpsons House and a ton of play value, and some builds that definitely would land this on your bucket list of LEGO® sets that coming out for 2014.

Of course you got the house then probably you want to take a closer look at the inhabitants of that interesting place. Six figure entirely new molds and based on the sculpture definitely adds up to your growing LEGO® minifigures.

You got Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie with their religious neighbor in Ned Flanders rocking an apron that says “Hail to the Chef.” The Simpsons household is one set you must have beside the other upcoming inhabitants of Springfield and this house will rock you’re ever growing LEGO® sets.

Then you take a closer look of the rooms inside The Simpsons House and they are bright and colorful just like the television that’s been airing since 1989. You got the piano room, Lisa’s room, Maggie’s room, Bart’s room, the toilet, the kitchen with its amenities and the garage complete with tools for you to fix that Simpsons family car.

The beauty of its all may come with a hefty price being a huge set containing 2,523 pieces. But it’s all worth it for those long time viewers of the show to be rewarded in having a bit of nostalgia LEGO® style!

The overhead shot reveal layers of The Simpsons House which divides into rooms of each character. The details where truthful enough what you see in the series and the designers put great passion turning your beloved Simpsons Family into LEGO® wasn’t a walk in the park. There are new elements in there that you’ll see and this is worth owning one for being the iconic part of the show.

It’s coming in February 2014 and pretty sure pre-orders have been made to make this one of the most wanted LEGO® sets out there that merged with popular culture and that famous brick that’s about to turn a year older.

If you know where to get this awesome set outside the Philippines then you must be lucky to have your own first family of television.

Re-live the opening sequence but of course you need more than just The Simpsons House. Surely LEGO® will surprise you with the ever growing set after this and before you know it you’re living in LEGO® Springfield already!

The Simpsons House 71006 has 2523 pieces which includes six minifigures is coming out sometime in February 2014.

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