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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nanablock™ Australia Exclusive Kangaroo!

01.04.2014 – Nanoblock™ is manufactured by Japanese company Kawada which also produces DiaBlock and these are three times smaller than your most leading brands. What makes Nanoblock™ interesting is the challenge and concept for mature builders.

Their series of sets are inspired from real life architecture, rocket ships and animals. Some of those are available in the Philippines.

But there are mini sets that you would be exclusive to a country that distributes it. One such set is the Kangaroo from their wide range of animals that you can build and collect.

The Nanoblock™ Kangaroo has over 110 pieces and for any first timer, who would take up the challenge in building one would have time adjusting inputting the set together. If you’re already accustomed building sets with some of the leading brands of construction toys the Nanoblock™ set is quite a handful.

Imagine going through the manual that’s in Japanese at the same time trying to understand each steps of the instruction manual. It takes more time building a scaled down set made of tinier bricks that can easily get lost if you don’t know to keep them.

Each Nanoblock™ pack has a ziplock seal upon opening it and there’s no problem keeping them from getting lost. The idea for Nanoblock™ is challenging you in putting together micro building blocks together. This is just one of those interesting sets and the Kangaroo might not be available in the Philippines. It would possibly an exclusive for Nanoblock™ Australia as this one looks unique enough for a set inspired from its native nocturnal creature.

Nanoblock™ is for ages 12 and up which also depends on the set you plan to give to your child. It’s best to assist them while building the set which is a good time to bond with the young ones that adds more fun to build a Nanoblock™.

The Nanoblock™ Kangaroo set(retailed at 12.95 AU) was acquired in Adelaide in South Australia and might not be available in the Philippines. But for other animals available in the Philippines it is retailed at PhP 349.75 pesos, and for more LIKE Nanoblock™ Australia on Facebook.

For a complete line of their product catalog visit the site at:

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