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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 5 LEGO® Creator 3 in 1 Sets for 2014!

12.31.2013 – Before you head out and celebrate the New Year here’s five LEGO® Creator sets that you might look forward to getting. Some of them have been sighted at K Mart, Big W and Myers in Adelaide.

Don’t be surprised why they are already being sold in some parts of Australia. LEGO® is inexpensive down under for the reason why it’s worth buying them overseas…

The latest wave of LEGO® Creator sets for 2014 has been seen in some areas in Adelaide and no surprise they are also discounted due to the Christmas and Boxing Day holidays. Though some of them have not been released just yet but it’s interesting to know that here are five of those sets you should pick up…


From its default transport helicopter the Red Thunder which also functions as a rescue vehicle can be rebuild into the old-fashioned biplane. If you’re into racing on water recreate it into a high-powered racing boat having 66 pieces and retailed for $10.00 AU dollars at Kmart.


This sleek sports car is just right up on your alley cruising while basking on the summer holidays if you’re spending time nearby Brighton beach in South Australia. The Sunset Speeder would probably turn some heads with its orange body that has the super-distinctive black and white stripe, racing wheels, and detailed headlights.

If you can’t get enough building this cool street car then have it turn into a truck cab ready to haul its cargo trailer heading to the outback or rebuild it into a faster racing car. You can find this now at Kmart for $15.00 AU dollars.


The colorful toucan grabs more attention than the animated forest monkey with pose able arms; legs can adjust. This animal is expressive with movable eyes, eyebrows, and opening mouth ready to eat that banana.

If you can’t get enough with these two rebuild it into a sneaky squirrel or a cuddly teddy bear. Find it at Big W in Australia for $25.00 AU dollars or wait for its wide release for the year 2014.


The mouse will run away with its cheese as the cute cat has a playful eye in catching up with its friend. The cat is expressive with its movable whiskers, ears and mouth that’s much fun to build don’t you think?

If you’re not a cat person then maybe you can rebuild it into a puppy or that hilarious rabbit that might nibble a carrot on your fridge. It’s already out in Australia and at Big W retailed at $25.00 AU dollars.


This must be the best LEGO® Creator set for 2014 when it comes to structures. The Mountain Hut has enough play time aside from building the default set. The hut is packed with intricate details that include a fireplace, table and chairs.

This also includes a climber minifigure ready to head to that mountain for some adventure, which has cave to search for the hidden treasure.

Of course you need a quad bike to head on to your destination. If you’re looking for a scenic view rebuild it into a mountaintop lookout or spend a comfy vacation time in a fantastic small lodge.

It’s already out now at Kmart for retail of $55.00 AU dollars and since it’s still holiday in January 2014 you might get a discount for it.

LEGO® Creator is getting better every year coming up with cool 3 in 1 builds that’s fun and educational for the kids. The adults would find these sets interesting too with new elements included.

All these sets where sighted in Adelaide earlier today and rest will be widely released coming in Asia by 2014. But for those who have got the chance the one of the five featured sets have a Happy New Year and more builds to come!

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