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Friday, February 7, 2014

LEGO® Super Star Destroyer VS Death Star!

02.07.2014 – If you have been watching the Star Wars films obviously you may have the action figures and the LEGO® sets that have been released. Any follower of the science fiction films would definitely want a LEGO® set based from Star Wars.

There are huge LEGO® Star Wars sets like the Death Star and the Super Star Destroyer…

There are also small sets too and there are the ones older fans who would want to own a premium edition that captures some of vehicles and places inspired by the films. This is where the Death Star and Super Star Destroyer comes in.

If you have been subscribed to’s YouTube channel chances are you’ve seen this interesting clip which pits the Death Star versus the Super Star Destroyer. For those fainted of heart and kids everywhere DO NOT IMMITATE this video, that was featured back on March 6, 2012 because you have been warned.

Norman Chan plays with the Super Star Destroyer as Will Smith watch helpless to see two of Star Wars well known ship and space station go at it…

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