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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Movie Review: The LEGO® Movie!

02.06.2014 –The LEGO® Movie had a special red carpet Philippine press media screening. This is not just another of those advance screenings. But it was definitely a special one as selected few invited guests had the chance to see it first. Besides the celebrated premier of the 3D animated feature the event was in LEGO® theme.

There’s an Emmet minifigure made out of LEGO® bricks and a small diorama set up which features some of the sets based from the film was on display.

There was food served guests from the media was present to be part of this event. The LEGO® Movie has so many memorable moments during the course of the film, but there won’t be any spoilers to be revealed to keep the anticipation high for the upcoming weekend. However there are five things that make The LEGO® Movie truly a film that everyone can relate.

Not just for those who grew up playing with the interlocking bricks, and for the hardcore toy collectors. But for those who would appreciate every back story about the characters being part of this.

Nobody Who Saved Everyone

The story focuses on Emmet as seen in the teasers and trailers. Long before LEGO® introduced this character they only had Star Wars as their licensed product. LEGO® doesn’t have a face like McDonald’s have Ronald. The company built itself around acquiring licenses and introducing a series of sets they can market, but then they introduced a construction worker in a movie that nobody knew.

Right now Emmet embodies LEGO® as its brand and its identity, which it’s solely needed beyond countless products they have released. Emmet is not just nobody or the character of the film he represents the kids who bought the latest LEGO® set. This defined now that the company can stand with an ambassador of its own who can save everyone that Vistruvius would meet.

An Adventure beyond Bricksburg

Emmet is a native of Bricksburg and his journey is just the beginning, and like anyone who dreams of traveling it is revealed in the premise and teasers that Emmet will go places far beyond everyone’s imagination and you the viewer is in the ride of your life.

If the LEGO® sets based from the film reveal those places then back away to avoid spoilers. But for those who want to feed their curiosity it’s a giveaway that the adventure is far beyond everyone have seen before.

Frills, Thrills and Non-Stop Action with Humor

From the beginning of the credits up to the climatic scenes through the end Phil Lord & Chris Miller made sure this film is for everyone. It’s a runaway 3D animated first feature length film from LEGO® that’s not borings or even slowing down its pace. You can’t get enough comedy from the voice actors themselves.

Besides the characters coming to life what makes this great is the visuals where you can’t tell the CGI animation from the stop motion scenes. It’s spectacular how every scene roll together to capture what The LEGO® Movie is all about.

The Deeper Message That LEGO® Sends Beyond the Product

It’s either you’re a collector that follows the instructions by the book or a carefree builder who comes up with radical ideas. There’s only one thing both have in common is to “Play Well” and enjoy the toys with passion and creative imagination.

LEGO® is both and it sends the message to everyone even to those who follow their success. “Leg Godt” a Danish word for “Play Well” is what LEGO® means and that message is all in the movie that you have to see it for yourself.

Everything is Awesome

Overall The LEGO® Movie is defined by its song “Everything Awesome” and even before they became a popular brand name they have been doing it. The movie 9 out 10 as rated one of the most recommended CGI animated features for the whole family.

There’s already news that a sequel is in the works, and if you haven’t see it catch it in cinemas nationwide today (February 6, 2014). The LEGO® Movie is produced by Village Rood and distributed by Warner Bros Picture Studios in the Philippines.

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