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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Marvel Super Heroes: 6866 Chopper Showdown!

05.24.2014 – Marvel Super Heroes continue to expand its line based on the characters from their comics, animation and movies. The recent ones are based from The Avengers film from 2012, while there are also those from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

There was Iron Man 3 for 2013 and one interesting X-Men set known as Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown!

There’s no doubt for those who follow the X-Men or Wolverine for that matter are excited when this set first debut in April 2012. This was released along with the Avengers set that were based on the blockbuster live action film.

For Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown it appears there’s no basis on any fiction that he goes up against Magneto and Deadpool. But for those who have been following the X-Men franchise produced by 20th Century Fox you can bet the scene from the box art was inspired from one action scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine a box office, but was not a hit with the critics about the film’s run.

The Basis of the Set

The takeaway from that film is the action sequences, and one such popular scene in that film is Wolverine being attacked in the air by a helicopter that he has single handedly taken down using the motorcycle that was given to him by the old folks at the farm where he ended up hiding. This was not exactly happened in the film where Magneto was there and Deadpool piloted the copter. It was this just brief action scene that made the film somewhat memorable.

But entirely the set took that scene and made it into a LEGO® set adding Deadpool as the pilot of the helicopter (which originally was piloted by some military henchman) and featured teaming up with Magneto that never was since the setting of the story in the film has something to do with Wolverine’s origin.

Inspired to the Box

LEGO® has acquired the rights to produce some interesting sets and this is the first time they feature X-Men characters instead of the usual Marvel Super Heroes that appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or in the animated Ultimate Spider-Man Series.

The LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes sets had a designated color which is in red, and its comic book rival DC Comics Super Heroes sets box color are in blue. But both ‘Super Heroes’ line have the same design down to the details at the back of the box.

But the similarities ends there when it comes to producing sets for both companies that ushered the term ‘Super Heroes’ (that DC Comics & Marvel jointly owned the rights to the term) from comic books to animation, movies, and videogames.

Building the Showdown

Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown is numbered 6866 and has 201 pieces, which includes an exclusive comic book featuring the kiddie-fied action scene that was somewhat based from the scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The set includes three exclusive minifigures not available in other Marvel Super Heroes set and this is the first LEGO® set that featured all three X-Men characters. The most wanted among the three would happen to be Deadpool a big favorite among comic book fans who has collected possibly various iterations of the character.

In the live action film Deadpool was last portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, who also happens to be Hal Jordan also known as Green Lantern in the 2011 film. But Reynolds would definitely fit in as Deadpool if they went ahead with a spinoff.

Mutant Minifigures

Deadpool is the one most collectors who are familiar character would want in this set. He has a pistol and two oversized katana blades, which can be store on his back via a piece that lets you, slide them or store it at the copter’s wings.

Magento comes with a 2x2 flat dark grey piece to represent him floating in a piece of metal, which can be understandable. But overall he’s more detail and comes with a cloth-like cape and he comes with two facial expression printed on his head.

Wolverine could have been impressive but among the three minifigures he kind of failed in some levels. If you compared how Mega Bloks handled the Marvel license their micro action figure version of Wolverine was way better executed in appearance.

Chopper on Chopper

There are two vehicles that are featured in this set, and it seems less interesting if most of the Minifigure collectors would take notice how important these are to the set itself. The first one is Deadpool’s helicopter that’s somewhat close to his costume colors only in dark red that features two missiles in each wing that can be flick-launched.

Deadpool has a lot of weapons that he can store a couple of them to the tip of each wing, while he takes on the original Weapon X. The second vehicle is Wolverine’s motorcycle, which is colored in medium stone grey with a translucent headlight.

The motorcycle is simple without any other pieces built around it to make it more look like it was made for Wolverine. It’s just a motor bike that he might have pick up somewhere while being chased by Deadpool and Magneto that can fit at the back of the helicopter’s cargo section.

Set Verdict

For many years LEGO® has pride itself to be pioneer in promoting their brand, but overall its more now on who’s got the rights to produce impressive sets based from Marvel or Star Wars. It’s no longer giving children build alternatives when it comes to these kinds of sets.

Its not like when you purchase any LEGO® set there’s an alternative idea for you to play around with the set to build it into something, which is now relegate to the Creator sets to promote it as a 3 in 1 concept. Once you built the Chopper Showdown it ends there as a helicopter and most of these sets end up being sold in secondary market without the minifigures that came with it.

Overall Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown is a fun build for any AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®) it will take you less than thirty minutes to put it together. But after finally building it the chopper doesn’t get any alternative builds.

The minifigures on this set has come along way for being just tiny people into popular iconic characters from the X-Men comic book. They are the ones that make the Chopper Showdown interesting. But with out these characters the set will just eventually just another LEGO® being dismantled for some peieces.

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 6866 ‘Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown’ was acquired in Singapore back during STGCC 2012 for $50.00 SG Dollars at Toy’s Hunt that sells not only LEGO® sets but also parts like a pick-a-brick store. For more about the store visit the site at:

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