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Thursday, November 6, 2014

UniBLOCK Promo at Unioil!

11.06.2015 – This must be one of those rare promotional construction toys that LEGO® is not involved, but another unpopular brand like UniBLOCK Toys.

Unioil is giving Shell a competition through their UNIBlock promotional sets that feature five sets including a Unioil Service Station, which is amusingly cool!

For those who are also into other competing brands UniBLOCK is not entirely news as these were also promotional sets with Unioil. But for 2014 they have come up with more of these sets that feature a School Bus, Ambulance, Dump Truck, Police Car, Unioil Service Truck, and a Unioil Service Station that have its own base plate.

Their version of the mini-figure takes inspiration to the old Mega Bloks design with the rounded toes. But the sets are as impressive that this product is entirely unknown when the poster was sighted in one of the Unioil petrol stations…

LEGO® made Ferraris where on exhibit until mall closing time and if you missed it here is the images from the display below:

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