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Saturday, November 1, 2014

KRE-O ® G.I. Joe Series 2: Tunnel Rat!

11.01.2014 – G.I. Joe is an Elite Team and each soldier is unique with their designated expertise. You won’t see any cannon fodder unlike in the ranks of the Cobra Legion that some might appear redundant in appearance.

But with G.I. Joe each character would probably your favorite hero. There’s no other Joe that’s not unique and when you talk about a special character few comes to mind unless you haven’t seen the G.I. Joe Movie in 1986 that featured Tunnel Rat!

KRE-O produced the second wave of blind bags of mini-figures featuring G.I. Joe from the 1980s. The chase figure is Land Adventurer from the 1970s Adventure Team. Most of the characters are from the classic series, which includes Tunnel Rat.

The Rawhide

Tunnel Rat first appeared in the G.I. Joe Movie from 1986, and this was followed in the comic books published by Marvel in issue #59 (May 1987). He’s part of the ‘Rawhides’ a group of G.I. Joe rookies that featured Falcon.

He was partnered with Big Lob a former basketball player turned soldier that never had an action figure until 2014. Unlike his tall companion Tunnel Rat had numerous action figures, but this mini-figure by KRE-O is based from the sixth series released in 1987 which includes accessories that became part of the character.

Tunnel Rat aka Nicky Lee is an EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) expert, and knows where to crawl his way out of trouble or in the case of Cobra he’s their problem bringing explosives to their doorstep.

Kreon Rat

There’s not much difference between the original Tunnel Rat and the KRE-O version save that he carries sticks of dynamite on his back pack and a rifle with a scope. He wears a similar bonnet just like Lowlight and he has a very serious facial expression.

Just like the action figure Tunnel Rat is ready to head to tiny holes to plant some explosive Cobra won’t find out until it blows up in their face. He’s one of the favorites that would certainly a must want from the second wave of blind bags.

Tunnel Rat” is part of the wave 2 characters included in the blind bag for Kre-O produced by Hasbro and OxFord Toys. This was acquired during COLLECTICON 2014 where a seller has been importing KRE-O G.I. Joe sold in their specialty store.

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