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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mega Bloks HALO Sale Sighting!

10.11.2015 – It’s a season for clearance and in the Philippines whenever the Holiday season is just around the corner most of the toys for the past two years ends up on sale. This is in the case of building toy brands like KRE-O, LEGO®, & Mega Bloks.

In the past these brands rarely do go out and announce a clearance sale. LEGO® is rarely associated with the word “Sale” unlike what Mega Bloks have right now.

It’s given some of the older sets from KRE-O is already on clearance sale and you would rarely see ANY new product save for the Battle Changers. With LEGO® they are very much tip toeing their way to do the same. But for Mega Bloks this year they go all out as low as 40% off mostly the HALO sets that you’ll be seeing are now marked for sale with that particular discount.

As for the newer properties like Call of Dutym SpongeBob, Barbie or even Hello Kitty is still on regular price. It seems the Halo sets will be getting some attention once again as Rustan’s and Landmark department stores have started the sale. If you haven’t been in the vicinity of these stores check them out yourself…

This could probably be seasonal but depends really but for those Mega Bloks collectors out there this might be the earliest Holiday bum rush they’ll be having when it comes to the HALO sets so if you’re one of them give these a home or something for you to keep until Christmas to build.

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