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Friday, November 13, 2015

KRE-O ® G.I. Joe Series 3: Tomax!

11.13.2015 – Tomax is the other half of the Crimson Guard Commanders. They are twins with their origins are considered top secret. KRE-O produced G.I. Joe blind-bagged packs including Tomax as part of the 3rd wave.

The Crimson Guard Commanders are more familiar in the classic G.I. Joe animated series, but little is known about these two. But Tomax could be as interesting if not for his brother Xamot.

They could probably one of the interesting elements in the G.I. Joe mythos because of their unique characters. But mostly the twins are underrated that Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness takes more popularity than second tiers like the Crimson Guard Commanders or even Dr. Mindbender.

But they are the leaders of the Crimson Guard that’s a level up than the Vipers or the Cobra Infantry. In animation and comic books the Crimson Guard Commanders are portrayed differently as with the TV series they are annoying at the same time interesting. You can’t have one for the other and the reason why it defeats the reason for being the Crimson Guard Twins.

Tomax Minus Xamot

Just like his cartoon counterpart or the action figure by Hasbro the identity of Tomax carries over as a minifigure for KRE-O. Though it would be great to have his twin brother Xamot too, this is something of a pipe dream. Because Xamot can only be acquired by getting the Terrordrome set, which by now can only be available in the secondary market for a hefty price.

Tomax shares what Xamot have as both are twins just like in the cartoons they are a mirror image of each other. It’s hard to describe Tomax without Xamot in the same picture but you’ll probably get the idea.

The only difference Xamot have is the very distinct scar in his face for the reason why they are unique characters in the Cobra Legion.

Better Than One

Hasbro could have included Xamot in the blind-bagged assortment of wave 3, but was included first in the Terrordrome set prior to Tomax being separated and individually part of the blind packs. But even without Xamot this Tomax is a Crimson Guard Commander on his own without the association having a twin.

Tomax is made out of 10 pieces excluding the KRE-O block stand. He shares the same accessories with Xamot, which includes the grappling hooks and pistol. If you’re not familiar with this character you’re missing something about Tomax and because knowing is half the battle.

Overall Tomax would appear to collectors as just another Cobra character without his twin brother Xamot. It would be great to have both but as mentioned it’s a pipe dream to have them complete.

Tomax” is the other half of the Crimson Guard Commanders a mini-figure part of the wave 3 included in the G.I. Joe blind bag for Kre-O produced by Hasbro and OxFord Toys.

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