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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

KRE-O ® Transformers: Dino-Charge!

11.17.2015 – KRE-O Transformers continue to expand with sets and minifigures based from the classic Generation 1 series to the Michael Bay live action films. One of the sets released during the ‘Age of Extinction’ line is the Dino Charge set.

It doesn’t need an explanation that it had a Dinobot in this set that’s charging to war with an Autobot riding on its back. But there’s more to this set than meets the eye though not that much interest it has a gimmick that differs from other sets.

Most of the KRE-O sets for Transformers has moved over from the basic ‘transforming’ builds to base on a particular scene or just basically made only for that particular set that was released.

But Transformers introduced KRE-O on its last film, which is ‘Dark of the Moon’ prior to ‘Age of Extinction.’ So most of the basic sets are a mix of the old and new versions of what Transformers is all about. But after years of the Micro Changers KRE-O shifts to sets that put some of the characters in particular scenes not even connection to the recent film which is ‘Age of Extinction.’

Charge to Extinction

The Dino Charge is one particular builds that’s half part of the film’s scene and half was made for this set. You’ve got a non-transforming Dinobot Slag charging into battle with Autobot Drift who doesn’t even have ANY resemblance tp the character first appeared in the comic books.

But entirely Drift as a samurai-like warrior appearing in the live action film. The set consist of 66 pieces which also include a non-transforming Vehicon. The set is firmly inspired from one scene in the movie minus the Vehicon victim.

Dino Magnetism

What makes this a unique set is because it implores a gimmick similar to what KRE-O did with Star Trek having the Light Tech technology. In this series of sets based from ‘Age of Extinction’ the gimmick would be magnets.

This is not the first time a building toy have used magnets as gimmicks, but for this particular set namely the Dino Charge has made it a little bit interesting. The minifigure to use the gimmick is the Vehicon and Slag as both have metal parts built in them. Slag’s head is the one that have a built-in magnet while the Vehicon’s backpack and helmet has the metal parts to make the gimmick happen.


The minifigures don’t have alternate modes even Slag doesn’t have the pieces to change him into his robot form. The Vehicon could have been renamed as it doesn’t have a ‘vehicle mode’ which doesn’t make any sense for this set to be uninteresting.

But what’s the take away for this set is the gimmick used and it won’t be something to get if not for the magnets. Overall the build is fairly simple easily can be put together by ages 5 and up with parental supervision as it contains small parts.

Dino Charge is part of the 'Age of Extinction Series 1 currently on clearance sold at PhP 150.00 pesos.

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