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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Peanuts Mini Bricks: Snoopy Editions!

11.14.2015 – There have been alternate brands besides LEGO®, but there are also brands that have micro bricks smaller than the standard bricks used. Japanese toy manufacturer Nanoblock™ is popular with that kind of concept.

Just like LEGO® they have clones and alternate brands too. The resurgence of Snoopy & the Peanuts gang with the new animated movie have new building toys!

They are called “Mini Bricks” but they seem to be a no-name brand. To much of a surprise it’s being licensed exclusive in the Philippines by the owners of the trademark for Peanuts. So far no specific details on the box who mass produced or manufactured the “Peanuts Snoopy Mini Bricks.”

But Playkit Philippines is indicated in the box as its local distributor aside from that there is no further information regarding the company who manufactured the sets. The Snoopy Mini Bricks as sighted have four designs and no other information if they have produced other characters based on the comic strip by Charles Schultz.

Snoopy the Movie won’t be in Philippine cinemas until January 8, 2016 but interest for Snoopy and his friends are surely getting much fan attention with these kind of merchandise seen at Toys R’ US where they are sold at PhP 199.75 pesos each.

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