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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

LEGO® Star Wars™: Microfighters Series 3 & More!

12.01.2015 – If you’ve been living under a ginormous rock you must have been missing quite A LOT if you’re into LEGO® Star Wars™ as there has been confirmed sets aside from the previous reports based from the upcoming film.

This time the ever expanding Microfighters with a third series revealing new sets and characters from the previous films and Star Wars™ Rebels currently airing its second season.

There where only a few notable sets but surely you won’t give them a pass if you’re a minimalist who only wants the characters than the ships or vehicles their driving or piloting. If you’re into Rebels certainly The Ghost will be on top on the list of ships that features Hera Syndula at the helm followed by the Wookie Gunship of course a Wookie names Chewbacca will be on that list.

The other following sets are the TIE Advance Prototype and an AT-DP both includes their respective pilots. You can see the rest of the third series of Microfighters below:

If you noticed that the four sets revealed is based from the Star Wars™ Rebels, and none of them are from The Force Awakens. But possibly in the future LEGO® might produce the next series that would include some of the new characters from the film.

Kanan’s Speeder Bike & Troop Battle Packs

Besides the nest four Microfighters there where also troop battle packs that where confirmed and if you’re rooting for either the Imperial or the Rebellion you might want to add a few troops to your ever expanding army.

But of course if you’re on the side of the Rebellion expecting Kanan Jarrus to lead them to battle and you can see all the sets that where revealed below:

[ Source: Hoth Bricks ]

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