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Monday, July 3, 2017

SBLUG Post Meet-Up | July 2017

07.03.2017 – Keeping up with a the ever growing community of SBLUG (Southern Bricks LEGO® Users Group) is a monthly meet-up that builds further interest for the LEGO® brand for the collectors, kids, & families who bonded with the famous brick.

For this month it was another gathering for “Show & Tell”, Iron Builder Project, and many more that keeps the community alive.

South Australia better known for its festival state is also a family oriented place and LEGO® builds that bond between parent and child makes SBLUG the way it is. They also discuss about the community’s ever growing and evolving interest for the brand.

Every month they meet up at the Hamra Centre Library just outside downtown Adelaide. They recap what they have accomplished the previous months and looking ahead where the community is headed.

Iron Builder Project

The monthly Iron Build is the activity for everyone, where a LEGO® element given by Leellen Christ, SBLUG’s Ambassador to the members who will use it as part of the project that will be revealed for next month. This will also be voted as the best MOC (My Own Creation), which gives participating member a special prize for the best creation.

Show & Tell

Every member with an interesting build is presented in a long table featuring their latest creation that they’re been working on. One project build on display that’s been getting quite a conversation is the Calendar Dial made from Technic parts. It was a long time project that still needs ‘tweaking’ due to a gear not functioning properly.

Free For All

Near the tail end of the meet Ben Tomlins throws a lot of LEGO® pieces in one table for members to scramble in getting them for free. At the same time there’s another table catering to some members selling minifigures and parts. There’s also a table for you to pick up free instruction booklets from various sets from LEGO®.

Wrapping up another successful meet-up is the awarding the winner for the Iron Build project and the upcoming gathering for Brickstameet and more. You can find further updates by joining the SBLUG group or follow them on social media just LIKE SBLUG on Facebook and follow on Instagram.

You can visit also their official site at:

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