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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Shop Spotlight | Inside the LAYGO Store

09.16.2017 – Laygo is one of the two third party stores that specializes the LEGO® brand as its main product since there has no LEGO® Certified Store in South Australia. It’s one of the go to stores for part elements and other things LEGO®.

For those who resides in South Australia and have not heard of this store here’s something for you to look forward to besides looking for missing pieces and other hard-to-find sets. This is also a good place to spend your birthday parties too.

If you happen to drive along the Main South Road chances are you’ve seen this blue painted store that screams “LAYGO” that has been around for more than five years now. Steve Campbell is the store proprietor and founder of LAYGO who you’ll meet at the check out who will assist you with your LEGO® related needs.

A passionate LEGO® builder and collector turned his hobby into an enterprise and currently helping the local tight-knit community based in South Australia. What LAYGO has to offer is more than a certified store can have right now namely hosted your gatherings like Birthdays and other types of Parties.

Besides that you can “pick-a-brick” without the need to weight it with a cup, and the store provides young kids to “build-a-figure.” There’s also have promos as Spring time is just around the corner and Holiday breaks for children (as old as 4 years old) is almost here they are providing a building session for $5.00 AUD and you can book your details on their official site at:

Inside the store would take you to how a place any kid or adult who grew up with LEGO® feels like. LAYGO provides not only selling parts and let you building your minifigures, but allows you to acquire vintage pieces and discontinued toys. The store itself also buys LEGO® off from you if you want to part with them.

Most of the LEGO® parts are pre-owned and some of these elements are also discontinued that you can only acquire at LAYGO. So if you happen to looking for pieces that you need chances are this store would be happy to help.

For more about LAYGO and other services drop by their store along Main South Road, but if you’re unaware of their trading hours follow them on social media and LIKE LAYGO on Facebook or visit their site at

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