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Saturday, October 14, 2017

SAPMA Model Expo | SBLUG Exhibit

10.14.2017 – It was a busy Saturday all throughout Adelaide with SBLUG (Southern Bricks LEGO® Users Group) weekend activities at two events with Inside the Brick and the other is a special participation with this year’s SAPMA Model Expo.

While everyone was at Wayville for the LEGO® centric event SBLUG had set-up mini display and exhibit at South Australia’s biggest scale model event held at the Immanuel College located just a few minute commute from Glenelg. It was definitely another successful outing for SBLUG.

For those who have not heard of SAPMA (South Australian Plastic Modeller’s Association) is the biggest event that caters to those into scale modelling it’s the counterpart of IPMS (International Plastic Modellers Society) in the Philippines, which has been consistently organize a major exhibition in South Australia since 1979. This was the second time SBLUG was invited to be part of the event in the last three years since 2015.

SAPMA has been an event about scale modelling, which participated by the local Gundam Club also based in South Australia. They conduct a monthly workshop at Greenlight Comics that they also have it there at the event. For the second time in three years SBLUG has displayed some unique sets and MOCs (My Own Creation) for those unfamiliar with the community and the endless possibilities of creation using the LEGO® bricks and elements.

Damien’s Choo-choo Train

The centrepiece of this mini-exhibit is Damien’s LEGO® train set-up, which has put together based from his original design that was an inspiration to South Australian Railways that has been discontinued in 1995. He shares the stories of his youth in the old place where he grew up seeing these train carrying concrete.

Damien had mentioned that he has his trains put up on display in last Easter’s Brickalaide. His interest in collection 12 volt train sets did not diminish when he found out about LEGO® from his son and seen the potential to recreate the train that he knew from his childhood and its one of the sets that you’ll find in SAPMA Expo.

Two-Day Menagerie of Creativity

SBLUG is the only LEGO® community that is invited at SAPMA Model Expo and it’s another successful participation from the ever growing group. You can still drop by and see the displays as well as the intricate details of model kits that you’ll ever see at this year’s SAPMA Model Expo.

If you missed the last two days of Inside the Brick in the Adelaide Showrounds catch up to Harald and Damien in Immanuel College for the SAPMA Model Expo you’ll get heaps of scale models as wells as SBLUG’s exhibit, which will be the last day tomorrow don’t miss out.

SAPMA Model Expo is at the Immanuel College from October 14 to 15, 2017. For further details visit SAPMA Model Club at:

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You can visit also their official site at:

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