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Monday, February 19, 2018

Brickstameet 2018 | Sunny Side of Semaphore

02.19.2018 – The Brickstameet is an event held every three months. It’s a photowalk and also a meet-up for those into LEGO®. For this year’s gathering this was held at Semaphore Beach in South Australia and though not as a big of a turn out it was fun with families and AFOLs who brought in their minifigures.

It was a fine weather Sunday at Semaphore that’s definitely a long trip from Adelaide. If you’re just commuting it was a challenging travel as not much buses travel this far to end up at Semaphore, but then again it was worth the ride.

The photowalk session started at 1 PM and there was an itinerary starting point where to go and star taking photos with their LEGO® minifigures and sets. This gathering wrapped up at 4 PM with new faces joining in and it was one of the best community activities to let you use your LEGO® minifigures for photography.

For those who haven’t been into this type of activity this started with the LEGO® community from Melbourne that introduced “Brickstameet” and it has become part of the event activity with the members of the Southern Bricks LEGO® Users Group (SBLUG) and that on it gained interest.

The usual gathering starts with introduction where the starting point of the photo walk with a group photo and ends wrapping up with a group photo with the member’s “SigFig” (Signature Minifigure) that represents them.

The gathering happens every three months and it’s a fun way to bond with your kids those parent who are also into LEGO® that also teaches young ones how to capture photos with their toys.

Interested AFOLs you can get more information about the gatherings in South Australia LIKE Brickstameet on Facebook for upcoming events and announcements.

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