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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mega Bloks At World's End: Brethren's Court 1057!

02.08.2011 – The Pirates Caribbean: At World’s End, which is the final instalment of the first trilogy that Mega Bloks produced a lot of sets based from the said film. Mega Bloks originally had the rights to all three movies from Disney, since they started producing sets starting with Dead Man’s Chest.

They replaced their generalized version of their pirates theme with “Pirates of the Caribbean," which directly competes with another brand that had a similar theme.

When Mega Bloks lost the Disney rights from the pioneering brand of building toys started producing their own version of “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed sets to coincide with the release of the fourth film in “On Stranger Tides.”

The film of course won’t be out until May 2011, and yet some of the images of the sets have been leaked online.

But you can’t take away the fact that Mega Bloks had made the brand their own, which is somewhat awkward if it was made by that pioneer brand. Taking a look at this set based from the third film, which is the “Brethen’s Court” is made up of 52 pieces one of the last remaining sets sold on clearance out there.

The packaging is dead on “Pirates of the Caribbean” with the huge skull as the mini-container for the set pieces that would be made into one part of the scene in the movie. This also contains two mini figures made into the likeness of Capt. Jack Sparrow, of course who would not miss Johhny Depp in this role. And Elizabeth Swan portrayed by Keira Knightly, which the mini figure has a slight resemblance to the actress.

It only took less than 15 minutes to build this together since some of the pieces are too simple and not really that complicated. If you look further when putting the set you’ll be surprise how it takes one third of the table.

The details are superb with added prop that includes the book from "Brethren’s Court" and some snakes near a beer barrow.

Some parts are from a broken ship that makes up a scene movie which can combine with another set to build a mini-diorama. Mega Bloks had better grasp of how a “Pirates of the Caribbean” should be in block form, and they did knock it out in the ball park with this unique concept.

Now that the movie rights along with other Disney properties is acquired by that competing brand it’s not the same without the Pirates being produced by Mega Bloks. But who knows this competing brand might bring something different that the previous construction toy maker has not yet done.

Overall the Bretren’s Court is a simple set with tons of interesting play that really makes you want to see the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

You’ll never going to see “On Stranger Tides” as a set in Mega Bloks form, but it was a great run for Mega Brands to have a chance at making these interesting sets based from the world of Jack Sparrow and other interesting characters from the first three films.

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