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Sunday, March 20, 2011

OxFord Toy Sighting at Top Mart!

03.20.2011 – Yesterday we checked the local area of Tongyeong City a province in the capital of Busan South Korea regarding their local toy brand. It seems they have their own type of building toy inspired from LEGO® incorporating their concept.

One of their mini supermarket have some particular toys and one of them is OxFord Toys a Korean made building toy, which outside of their country is unfamiliar to most who are into LEGO® sets that has been a pioneering brand for more the 50 years.

The OxFord Toys sighted at the local Top Mart store only have a few sets namely the pseudo-Transformers type Transkaion set that featured a robot that turns in to a spaceship and two basic sets that’s more reality grounded like a sort of new van and an “Oxford Camp” van featuring minifigures of their design.

The denominations on how the sets are priced will confuse you, since a 1000 won is actually an equivalent to $1.00 US dollar and if you look at the sets they are priced at 14,400 won like the Transkaion, which probably is only priced at $14.40 US dollars.

These are jut but a few sets that are quite interesting despite their appearance looks like fake sets made in China, but actually they are made in Korea just like how LEGO® is made in Denmark by just looking these images here…

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