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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LEGO® City 5613 Firefighter & 5620 Clean Sweeper!

03.29.2011 – Boxed impulse sets are slowly being phased out by LEGO® probably this is due to cost cutting to the packaging. But in Korea these sets are in abundance and they are practically cheap too which some still wonders why?

There are two sets will be featured here they are the City 5613 Firefighter and 5620 Street Cleaner. Both have been released in 2008, which surprisingly being sold at the province of Busan in South Korea taking a closer look at these sets…

In all the places in the world LEGO® seemed to be cost less than let’s just say in the Philippines due to the complexities of importing a foreign product. But in Korea you’ll be surprised how LEGO® is being sold at less cost as what you’re getting and even the Americans are also saying the sets are expensive.

But when you look at Korea you’ll be surprised that LEGO® also have some serious competition with a local brand that’s probably will be noticed by the world soon. For now these impulse box sets are great for the minimalist who doesn’t build bigger sets.

City 5613: Firefighter

The firefighter set contains one minifigure with lots of accessories for the little guy to be prepared whenever there’s fire and he can also get the necessary training that is needed for the job, which is cool addition for those who are into completing a fire brigade for their city.

This set contains 21 pieces including the minifigure that comes with plus some neat accessories like a tool rack containing circular saw, chainsaw blade, 2 axes (1 is extra), a fire extinguisher, a fire hydrant, and an open fire torch.

City 5620: Street Cleaner

This Street Cleaner is one simple set probably its going to be rare. It can be paired with another set which is the City 7242 Street Sweeper released in 2005. But then again the rarity of that vehicle gives you an alternative with this Street Cleaner.

In the Philippines a Street Cleaner is best known as the ‘Metro Aid’, which doesn’t have the sophisticated mini-sweeper this minifigure use. It’s slightly smaller than the City 4933 impulse set with more accessories. The City 5620 Street Cleaner contains 22 pieces that includes the minifigure, miniature street cleaner, a trash can with a broom and a shovel in it and some black pieces of trash.

Impulsive Rarity

LEGO® produces new sets annually and some of the older ones get discontinued. Some of them can still be found in a remote store out there like at Tongyeong city’s biggest E-Mart store just near the bus terminal going back to Busan city. These two sets where the last ones being sold and its great putting them together.

The impulse sets are becoming a rare find being repackaged in mini bags and becoming a store exclusive or a special promotion. Unlike previous sets that are affordable and simple and these sets are probably the last ones you’ll ever see.

Bonus: Collectible Minifigures Series 3

Just as an additional surprise in this image are a couple packs of the CMS 3 or Collectible Minifigures Series 3, which is already popular among the Koreans as they also got sold out and only a few packs are left in the bin.They are mo affordable here being sold compared in the Philippines probably even less expensive in some country too. For now we’ll leave you at that what we got in these packs and this feature about the City impulse sets.

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