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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mega Bloks Halo Hero Pack 2: Red UNSC Spartan!

02.22.2011 – Halo the popular videogame from Microsoft’s X Box game console has finally made it into the construction/build toy realm following Mega Bloks competitor and pioneer LEGO with their “Halo Hero Pack” series of micro figures.

In the Philippines the series 2 “Halo Hero Pack” makes it to retail market and its immediately gobbled up for its growing popularity.

Red UNSC Spartan is one of the common micro figures found in the sophomore series, which can also be found in other builder sets of Mega Blok’s Halo Wars, but for those who are looking to collect the line of characters that populate the world of Halo this is the only way to got to pick them up. This also applies to the selective collectors who are not into completing the entire line and just looking for some interesting characters that they want.

The body construction and design seems to take inspiration from the SPARTAN II armor that the legendary Masterchief used to wear who is currently wearing a MK IV in the latest incarnation of the Halo game for the X Box 360 game console.

This UNC Red Spartan carries the trademark blaster in purple and also includes a block for the stand. The red armor comes with paint details that it appears to have a rigid look, which came from a battlefield mission. The visor is painted gold while other details have dark gray painted in some parts of the armor.

There other things interesting about the “Halo Hero Pack” which include the serial numbers that would allow you to find out the ones you’re looking for. There are serial numbers already posted online for you to get the hard to find rare or chase micro figures.

“Halo Hero Pack” Series 2 is sold at local retail stores in the Philippines for PhP 149.75 pesos, which is distributed by Ritchwell Marketing a division of Rich Prime Holdings.

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