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Friday, December 7, 2012

LEGO® MOC: Candy Machine!

12.07.2012 – There are a lot of creations out there and LEGO® defined that through imagination. There has been a lot passionate individuals who are into this hobby and its not limited to 5 year old kids.

There was one particular MOC (My Own Creation) that stood out that countless videos of YouTube would be difficult to single it out.

There one creation that would catch your attention and if you’re not familiar with candy machines then feast your eyes on the YouTube WooferRae who made this interesting MOC that you might be craving for a sweet tooth to make one.

The video describes it all with the working candy machine which possible took five versions to make to improve and you’d be surprised how this make us believe LEGO® can creations definitely happen. This would definitely inspire you to build yours now…

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