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Friday, November 16, 2012

LEGO® x Shell: Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta!

11.16.2012 – LEGO® and Shell Services has teamed up to celebrate its partnership that lasted for 40 years when the famous construction toy released its first collaboration with the tanker lorry from 1970.

But the connection with Ferrari themed LEGO® first appeared in 1997 which was also a promotional release from Shell. There's a long line of history between LEGO® and Shell with Ferrari and it gets bigger with the new promotional release for 2012!

To commemorate the partnership Shell Services team up with LEGO® and Ferrari to release seven exclusive promotional sets only available at Shell service stations which we first reported during our trip in Singapore early September.

The first set we sighted was the 250 GT Berlinetta a sporty red two-seater type coupé with an Italian name meant for “Little Saloon” a classic car introduced in the 1930s which was a term popularized by Ferrari in the 1950s. It was the first car to incorporate disc brakes and only 176 vehicles ever made.

There were other European car manufacturers who used the name “Berlinetta” label. It was the only classic car in the line of Ferrari series that has Scuderia Truck, F40, F150 Italia, 458 Italia, and FXX. The other set was the crew of Minifigures that have a Refuelling Engineer, Track Scientist and Race Mechanic complete with individual accessories.

Each set can only be acquired through the Shell stations when you gas up with PhP 1,500 pesos (single or accumulated purchase) worth of Shell Fuel Save Unleaded or Diesel with one of these micro-propelled LEGO® Ferrari models for only PhP 180.00 pesos which we previously reported during the launch day.

The set designated 30193 contains 32 pieces which includes the plate with the rear pullback motor/wheel the thinnest ever made as a LEGO® element. It was packaged in polybag as well as the other six sets.

Building the 250 GT Berlinetta would come easy as you can have it done in less than 2 minutes contradictory to some claiming to be longer. But for someone who has not played any LEGO® set this would be done in a few minutes.

Looking closely on the solid piece we mentioned this is the heart of the micro-propelled Ferrari vehicles that made them go with the pullback motor.

The polybag contains not only the pieces to put together the 250 GT Berlinetta but also includes the instruction manual and the sticker sheet packaged in a smaller white flat box.

These new wheels looks better than the conventional standard rims that the Disney Pixar Cars characters have been equipped as the last part to put together to make the Berlinetta complete.

Side-by-side comparison with Bricktober 2011: American Spy Build agent Rod “Torque” Redline they are almost close to scale. But what separate the Berlinetta is the contours and curves that almost looks like its real life counterpart while “Torque” Redline appears blocky which is less sexy.

The rest of the images can give you an idea how close the Berlinetta is scaled to the Disney Pixar Cars’ Mater and “Torque” Redline. These micro-propelled Ferrari vehicles are off-scale to the minifigure even to the set that was released along with it.

Overall out of the six Ferrari vehicles the 250 GT Berlinetta stands out from its modern relatives being curvy and the contour designs define its classic appearance which would be one to carry the signature red Ferrari colors that should not pass up!

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