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Thursday, July 18, 2013

HW Stunt 80 of 250: Fig Rig!

07.18.2013 – There has been A LOT of competitive brands to choose from and leading the charge is LEGO® the pioneer that started all this construction toys. They have been innovative and ahead of the competition not only in securing licenses of other popular brands but also in marketing it.

But LEGO® in some parts of the world is not fully enjoyed due to its very expensive product and others pick the alternatives...

Those alternative brands like K’NEX, MEGA BLOKS or KRE-O which can be found being sold in the Philippines. Like all these brands they have one significant character which is the minifigures that represent them.

Lately the minifigure craze has become a collectible interest that LEGO® made into one of their popular products that can now be acquired through their Collectible Minifigures Series without the need to purchase a set. The other brands followed suit with their own line that interest are now have become a variety and as they say the more the merrier.

But it won’t be fun to have them around without their vehicles from their respective set right? This is where the Hot Wheels brand by Mattel came in with an idea that’s kind of giving construction toy collectors and fans an interest to start collecting diecast cars too.

Enter: The Fig Rig. It appears to be a futuristic pick-up truck that has no license markings of any popular automotive manufacturer. It’s simple a diecast car that was part of Hot Wheels 2013 line of vehicles. But if you look closely the Fig Rig has its other use. This turns out to be a vehicle for a Minifigure and it shows the studs for them to be attached to it.

Imagine the interest in collecting Hot Wheels and at the same time catching up on the latest like of the current set of LEGO® Collectible Minigure Series that’s now in the market right now.

By now you’ll probably thinking if there’s an alternate color aside from the red colored vehicle that just became an interesting car for your minifigures. The next alternate color will be yellow with red lines on its graphic design on both sides of the vehicle.

The pioneer color for the Fig Rig comes in red with a pixelized graphic of the Hot Wheels logo to appear to be made out of LEGO® art on both side, while the rims are colored yellow and at the end of the rig is a handle where your minifigure can ride this holding on to dear life or just doing a stunt.

The Fig Rig is actually part of a sub line for the ‘Stunt Circuit’ cars numbered 80 of the 250 line of 2013 released vehicles.

You could be picking this up soon after seeing K’NEX Mario Kart Wii figures like Toad and Luigi doing their own stunts as any construction toy brand can interact with the Fig Rig. If you don’t have any plans to buy any sets, and just into collection any minifigure out there then this Fig Rig is your alternative to have this as their ride for fun.

The Fig Rig is sold in all major toy stores in the Philippines and can be found in the Hot Wheels section and all you need to do is find one retailed at PhP 99.75 pesos ($ 2.26 US Dollars) each.

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