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Monday, July 22, 2013

K'Nex Super Mario Bros. Wii: Princess Peach!

07.22.2013 – There have been countless Mario Bros. games that built the franchise that billed Italian plumbers Mario and Luigi from the genius of Shigeru Miyamoto. He built something iconic that expanded that particular game that was first seen in 1985.

Nintendo has become relevant with it interesting characters, which is not to miss with colorful Japanese cuteness.

K’Nex one of the long time American brand construction toys has continued to be relevant to this day and its own popularity they also licensed products. K’Nex has also started their own line of licensed products with Angry Birds and now with Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wii characters that includes Donkey Kong in the mix.

The first series of blind packs wasn’t considered “blind” with random figures since they haven’t expanded the characters only to have Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Donkey Kong.

The second series brought in Yoshi, Toad, and Donkey Kong Jr. but this time it’s the actual “blind packaging” to complete the series of characters. By the third series they have released “second player” colors like in the games and this time includes Princess Peach.

Princess Peach has been around since 1985 where the very first Mario Bros. game was introduced portraying the damsel in distress that you need to save from Bowser. She is the love interest to Mario which has expanded her role in the succeeding game not just the lady needed to be saved. The minifigure is not that hard to find if you know how get to feel each pack.

The details on Princess Peach are like she jumps off from the screen and easily one of the taller minifigures in the bunch. The third series of the minifigure pack differentiates itself now being released in red packaging similar shade of color in celebrating Mario Bros. 25th anniversary when Nintendo released the best games for the Wii game console. Princess Peach wearing her iconic pink gown with detailed crown on her head just like in the game itself.

She’s even taller than Mario and doesn’t have legs as the skirt is a solid piece, but what makes this minifigure to be on your list of characters for the K’Nex Super Mario Bros. Wii blind pack is because of being one of the lead characters in the game.

Bowser might not be as big as you want to see standing beside the princess, but she adds flavor to the expansion of minifigures from K’Nex.

The American construction toy company is not only having Angry Birds and Super Mario Bros. next year would be something to look forward to as they get more license names to bring more interest in collecting minifigures that MEGA BLOKS, KRE-O, and LEGO has flourished.

Clearly there’s going to be more interesting characters, but for now if you’re a big Mario Bros. fan and had played the games you won’t pass up in getting Princess Peach because she needs saving!

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