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Monday, September 2, 2013

LEGO® KidsFest 2013 San Jose Highlights!

09.02.2013 – The LEGO® KidsFest is an annual non-stop tour event happening in key cities in the US. Recently we’re privileged to be part of the event at the San Jose. It was held at the San Jose Convention Center where other events happen there such as the annual Big Wow ComicFest.

This is the first LEGO® KidsFest coverage definitely made one of the best events held in summer for the young ones as well as those who grew up with the brand. It was definitely packed that tickets were sold out prior to the day itself.

LEGO® fans of all ages where delightfully excited to roam around 143,000 square feet of fun during August 30 to September 1, 2013. There was a lot to go around and it was a weekend fun for the whole family.

This year highlights some activities and for each kid to step into the event have already a guaranteed a freebie that definitely is a plus for someone who loves building stuff.

There were also iconic characters from DC Comics, Marvel, and other properties that were tied up with LEGO® for you to have a photo with. There are also dioramas at the Ninjago brickscape at the Ninjago Spinjitzu area. There is also diorama from the Harry Potter series of LEGO® sets that was previously released.

You also get to meet well known LEGO® Brick Masters like Chris Steininger who challenges participants with LEGO®-based trivia questions. It has too many place to cover with activities and mini games for three days of the event and the first day has the most attendees who went home smiling.

Of course who will not be able to jump in the brick pile full of LEGO®? Definitely you don’t want to miss having fun with your parents in that particular area. Definitely photos taken are here for you to check it out…

LEGO® KidsFest is on tour making the next stop will be at Portland on October 11 to 13, 2013! For more details about the event visit the official at:

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