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Thursday, November 28, 2013

LEGO® Exhibit at BoniFacio High Street!

11.26.2013 – Once in a while a LEGO exhibit pops up with a wide range of current series and sets on display for a good photo souvenir. At the same time you get to see a mini LEGO store on the side for you to check out what’s new.

The LEGO exhibit at the Bonifacio High Street attracts quite the enthusiast. Mostly kids with parents checking out LEGO Friends for girls or LEGO Chima for boys.

Occasionally there’s also Star Wars for parents who grew up with the sci-fi franchise. The exhibits have been around since October and they wrapped up and put back the display in store after November 24th. There are interesting LEGO sets that kids would get to know like LEGO Friends for girls which are on its second year since its debut in 2012.

There have been new sets and mini packs that you can add to the growing town that featured new characters those little girls would appreciate.The Legends of Chima a new interactive series that is now known only as Chima featuring anamorphic animals that you lets you battle similar to the recently discontinued Ninjago.

Then you have Star Wars the longest running franchise from Lucasfilms and Walt Disney is expanding with new sets each year. The ever popular Sci-fi adventure has grown to be part of the LEGO brand and it will continue now that Star Wars Episode VII is being developed and to be directed by JJ Abrams whose recent success with Star Trek Into Darkness will definitely excite you when it comes out in 2015.

Holiday season surely is a month away maybe it’s time for you to check out the latest LEGO sets that you might want to give for Christmas. If you have missed the exhibit at the Bonifacio High Street you find more images HERE.

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