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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

LEGO® Advert: "Let's Build."

11.06.2013 – LEGO® has been consistent with their mission and vision for the brand. It’s promoting the power of imagination in a family oriented environment.

The brand itself has evolved to cater the modern household that not only goes beyond of being just a ‘building toy’ but also a time to bond between parent and child. This is revealed in the current advert titled “Let’s Build.”

LEGO® is the pioneer building toy brand that continues to nourish your imagination and such a case that others who put up their version do not see it. But rather it only a product that can only profit them though with the case of LEGO® the changing times call for more value not only for play thing.

It gives you an idea that LEGO® is beyond what it was and more about the people around that makes it a popular product that also build culture. In this advert they produced they not only focus the building aspect of the product, but it tells how father and child bond together and seeing how LEGO® has become not just any child’s toy.

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