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Monday, November 4, 2013

Monster Fighters Pack at Toys R' US!

11.04.2013 – The Monster Fighters promotional pack is an interesting giveaway during Bricktober 2012, but not as interesting as this year’s Joker Mini Mech Bot.

But for those who just want to collect the little things from LEGO not the elaborate pieces this set could be interesting. This is actually not an average build but more of adding aesthetics to your growing Monster Fighters collectible build.

It might not be considered something you can build due to the simple pieces that came with it. The Monster Fighters Bricktober 2012 promotional pack comes in a plastic bag that features some interesting pieces and un-build skeleton minifigure. Most of the elements can be found in previous sets like the Bat, a trans-red jewel, a large green crystal, a white web, and a glow in the dark spider. Well the spider in the previous sets didn’t glow and this might be one of the interesting elements in this pack.

Plus they included a sticker sheet featuring a Ghost, Lord Vampyre, a Rat, spider, The Crazy Scientist, and The Cursed Mummy. What’s interesting is that The Mummy, Ghost, spider, rat and Lord Vampyre's head stickers glow in the dark.

Then they also included a mini catalog of the Monster Fighters line of sets that currently on a discount in some stores in the Philippines or what’s remaining that’s available.

Overall the pack is great if you have some of the Monster Fighters sets. This would look like an add-on to make your set have more details. They are good elements here especially the glow in the dark spider.

Would be it be cool if they did make the white web have the glow in the dark gimmick as well? But then you can’t have them all right?

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